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84 Silvercreek Crescent N.W.


The City hosted an open house on June 29, 2017. View the story boards​


On March 24, 2017, Gravity Architecture submitted an application on behalf of Habitat for Humanity to redesignate (rezone) this property to allow for multi-residential buildings (e.g. townhouses or low-rise apartments). The property is located at 84 Silvercreek Cres. N.W. in the Silver Springs community and is adjacent to Nose Hill Drive N.W.

Following the initial submission, Gravity Architecture revised their application to include a portion of road right-of-way (identified in the map below), and to change the maximum density from 110 to 95 units per hectare.  

The proposed M-C1 d95 District would allow for:

  • multi-residential buildings, such as townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings;
  • a maximum building height of 14 metres (an increase from the current maximum of 10 metres);
  • a maximum of 33 units (an increase from the current maximum of one single-detached dwelling).

Habitat for Humanity has indicated they would like to develop 32 homes on the property in a townhouse built form. A development permit for the site has not yet been submitted.

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Aerial view of subject site​84 Silvercreek Cresc map

Aerial view of site and surrounding community

84 Silvercreek Cresc map

St​reet map​
84 Silvercreek Cresc map


Any relevant past or future dates
i.e. when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council, public engagement opportunities.

​Date ​Activity
​March 24, 2017 ​Application submitted
​March 24, 2017 to present ​Application under review
​June 28, 2017 ​Applicant revises application to include portion of road right-of-way west of the site​
​June 29, 2017​ ​Public information session
​TBD ​Calgary Planning Commission (CPC)
​TBD ​Public Hearing of Council

Supporting documents

Links to any relevant content (e.g. area redevelopment plan, policies that impact the neighbourhood, studies that can be posted online).

Multi-residential locational criteria

The location criteria for multi-residential infill are non-statutory guidelines, intended to assist in the evaluation of land use amendment applications to support multi-residential, rowhouses and cottage housing clusters in established communities. The criteria are not meant to be applied in an absolute sense to determine whether or not a site should be recommended for approval, but are used in conjunction with relevant planning policy, such as the Municipal Development Plan, to determine the appropriateness of an application in the local context and with regards to City of Calgary planning policy goals and objectives.​

A summary of the criteria is pro​vided below.

​Criteria ​Subject Site
​Located on a corner parcel ​No
​Within 400 metres of a transit stop ​Yes
​Within 600 metres of an existing or planned primary transit stop ​No
​Located on a collector or higher standard roadway on at least one frontage ​Yes

Adjacent to existing or planned non-residential development or multi-unit development​

​Adjacent to or across from an existing or planned open space, park or community amenity​ ​No
​Along or in close proximity to an existing or planned corridor or activity centre​ ​No
​Direct lane access ​Yes

* Note these are general criteria for multi-residential development and are not intended to serve as a requirements checklist.

Municipal Development Plan​

Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was adopted by City Council in 2009. It contains policies that will shape how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years, with the aim of building a city where people can choose from a variety of housing types in numerous unique communities. It works together with the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) to provide multiple transportation options. The MDP strives to build a Calgary that will continue to be a leader in environmental stewardship, a driving force in the Canadian economy and a place that people of varying ages, incomes, interests and lifestyles are proud to call home.  The MDP includes policies that encourage housing diversity for a range of ages, income groups, family types and lifestyles.

Some relevant policies of specific interest for this site include the following.​

Affordable housi​ng policies

Municipal Development Plan policies:

​Section number   ​Policy details
​Section 2.3.1.b.i​ ​Promote a broader range of housing choice for all ages, income groups, family types and lifestyles by encouraging housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income households in all communities.
​Section 2.3.1.e ​Recognize and encourage affordable housing as an integral part of “complete communities”.​
​Section 2.3.1.f.iii ​Create affordable housing by encouraging affordable housing serving families to locate in areas close to parks, schools, recreation facilities and commercial nodes​
​Section 2.3.1.f.iv. ​New development and redevelopment to incorporate affordable housing that is visually indistinguishable from market housing.
​Section 2.3.1.f.vii. ​Partnerships with developers, other orders of government and non-governmental agencies to pursue measures to ensure construction of affordable housing in multi-unit development projects, in new communities and within redevelopment areas​


Troy Gonzalez, RPP, MCIP
Planner, Planning & Development