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Silver Springs development application

In October 2017, Gravity Architecture on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, submitted a development permit application (DP2017-4795) for the property located at 84 Silver Creek Crescent N.W. The development permit proposes 32 townhouse units within four buildings. The proposed buildings are three-storeys high and include 8 townhouse units per building. Administration is currently reviewing the application.

The land use redesignation (rezoning) application was recommended for approval by the Calgary Planning Commission on November 16, 2017. This application is now scheduled for the January 22, 2018 public hearing of Council. Members of the public are welcome to attend and speak either for or against the application. Please note that Administration cannot make a decision on the development permit application until Council makes a decision on the proposed land use redesignation.

Land Use Amendment application

In March 2017, Gravity Architecture submitted an application on behalf of Habitat for Humanity to redesignate (rezone) this property to allow for multi-residential buildings (e.g. townhouses or low-rise apartments). The property is located at 84 Silvercreek Crescent N.W. in the Silver Springs community and is adjacent to Nose Hill Drive N.W. 

Following the initial submission, Gravity Architecture revised their application to include a portion of road right-of-way (identified in the map below), and to change the maximum density from 110 to 95 units per hectare.  

The proposed M-C1 d95 District would allow for:

  • multi-residential buildings, such as townhouses and low-rise apartment buildings;
  • a maximum building height of 14 metres (an increase from the current maximum of 10 metres);
  • a maximum of 33 units (an increase from the current maximum of one single-detached dwelling).

In June and July, The City held online and in-person engagement opportunities which included a public information session on June 29, 2017. Input gathered is summarized in the What We Heard Report

Development Permit application

Below is an image of the proposed design provided by the applicant. Note that the design is subject to change pending the application review. 

84 Silvercreek Crescent rendering


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Aerial view showing the site boundaries and road right-of-way area included in the revised land use application.84 Silvercreek Cresc map

Aerial view of the site and surrounding community

84 Silvercreek Cresc map

St​reet map​
84 Silvercreek Cresc map


Any relevant past or future dates
i.e. when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council, public engagement opportunities.

​Date ​Activity
​March 2017 ​Land use redesignation (rezoning) application submitted
​March 2017 to present ​Land use application under review
June 29, 2017​
Public information session​
​June/July 2017 ​Public engagement
October 2017 ​​Development permit application submitted
​October 2017 to present ​Development permit application under review
​November 16, 2017 Calgary Planning Commission for land use application
​January 22, 2018* ​Public Hearing of Council for land use application

Supporting documents


Land Use Amendment Application
Troy Gonzalez
Planner, Community Planning

Development Permit Application
Matthew Atkinson
Planner, Community Planning