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Urban Design


Urban Design

The Urban Design team in Land Use Planning & Policy was created to help The City meet their objective of achieving urban design excellence in Calgary. The team is comprised of professional architects and urban designers to provide a range of services focused on four core areas:



City Council has provided direction to achieve "urban design excellence" and to generally improve the quality of Calgary's public realm, resulting in increased interest in actively incorporating urban design considerations into projects, policies and guidelines at The City of Calgary. This is supported through the recent Council approval of the Municipal Development Plan (2009) which includes a primary objective in section 2.4 Urban Design:

"Make Calgary a liveable, attractive, memorable and functional city by recognizing its unique setting and dynamic urban character and creating a legacy of quality public and private developments for future generations".
Urban Design brings together the many elements and areas of expertise involved in great place-making – land use planning, transportation planning, architecture, landscape design, public art, engineering and development economics, among others. The effective coordination of all of these city-making pursuits through the instrument of urban design concepts and principles results in the creation of distinctive and cherished places.

Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework was received for information by Council on July 04, 2011. The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide for effective internal and external collaboration on all aspects of designing, planning and implementing policy and projects, which deal with urban design issues and the design of the public realm. It outlines the protocol for ensuring that urban design is addressed at the early stages of project, policy, and application work when design input can be most effective and most efficiently incorporated or responded to.


For more information regarding Urban Design please contact:

David Down

For media requests please call 403-828-2954.