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Calgary West Trans-Canada Corridor Study

Latest News

The revised Calgary West Area Structure Plan and Shape Outline Plan were approved by City Council on November 3. Stay tuned as this webpage will be updated with more information shortly.


The City of Calgary is studying possible future land uses along the Trans-Canada Highway (16 Avenue N.W.)  west of Canada Olympic Park. The area is partially developed with the communities of Valley Ridge, Greenwood/Greenbriar and Crestmont, but it also contains a significant amount of undeveloped land.

There are currently three development proposals being considered by The City that – if approved – would result in significant retail and residential development in the area. The City also has a desire see more jobs on the west side of Calgary to produce a better balance between the number of jobs and number of homes.

Land use studies are a way for The City to determine what policies or guidelines are needed in a specific area to ensure that future development meets the needs of the community and supports larger goals, like the ones outlined in The City’s  Municipal Development Plan. The study is intended to provide City staff with potential new policies and/or guidance to evaluate future redevelopment applications.

This video is the model shown at our June 18 open house. It provides a visual of the scale of the proposed development along the Trans-Canada Corridor.



This interactive map can be used to learn about the proposed development along the Trans-Canada Corridor by clicking on the area of the map you are interested in.


 Trans-Canada Highway Corridor

Untitled Document Crestmount Phase 4 Shape Bow Valley Crossing Parkside Greenbriar

Next steps

On July 31st, 2014, Calgary Planning Commission recommended approval of the revisedCalgary West Area Structure Plan. The area structure plan will now go to a public hearing at City Council on September 8, 2014. Members of the public can speak directly to Council at the hearing, or submit written comments. Citizens will have five minutes to speak, excluding any questions Council members may ask. Comments should be brief and should address land use planning issues. The hearing will be streamed live online via the Council webcast and will begin at 9:30 a.m. Council's agenda will be postedonline. The public hearing date will also be advertised in the Calgary Herald.


Studying the West Calgary Trans-Canada Highway Corridor is intended to help The City identify and evaluate development issues relevant to three proposals that we are currently considering.

All three proposals will require an outline plan that identifies a basic subdivision pattern and addresses infrastructure needs, financing agreements and development issues. These plans include the location and size of roads, the distribution of park and school sites, and location of various land use districts.

The three proposals will also require amendments to the Calgary West Area Structure Plan. Amendments to the area structure plan must align with other policies including the Municipal Development Plan.
The three development proposals are located:

  • Immediately Southwest of Stoney Trail & Trans-Canada Interchange
  • Immediately South of Valley Ridge Blvd & Trans-Canada Interchange
  • Immediately west of Crestmont

For more information on these three proposals, please visit our  proposals summary page.

How to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in the discussion about the future of the Calgary West Trans-Canada Corridor lands. Your thoughts for the site will be considered by our staff and summarized for the developers, the Calgary Planning Commission and City Council. Ultimately, The City has to weigh many different things when deciding what to allow on a property and public input is an important piece. Check out our page on how to get involved for more information.

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