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Public notice improvements

Help us build Calgary tog​ether

We're making it easier for you to get informed and involved on applications that propose changes to the land use of a site (redesignation or rezoning), or proposes a development on a site in your community.

In addition to improving our notice, we’ve also launched to enable Calgarians to learn more about an application in progress, determine its status and leave us comments 24/7.

Learn more about what we’re doing to help citizens, communities and customers.

New notice launched

In November 2017 we improved how we inform you about proposed development applications in our city. Your feedback helped us make several improvements to ensure our new notices are simple, informative and transparent, making it easier for you to be part of the planning process.​

Land Use Amendment (rezoning)
Land Use Amendment 
Public Hearing 
Proposed Development application


The features of the signage includes:

  • Plain language text that describes the proposed development.
  • A visual map that clearly identifies the property included in the proposed development.
  • Clear direction to resources that allow you to learn more about and provide your input on the proposed development.

In response to Council feedback we will be making further changes to the notices. In September 2018, The City will be re-launching our notices, which will be more engaging, transparent and include plain language. The notices have also been redesigned to be more accessible for Calgarians who are colour blind or have difficulties reading smaller print.

Applicant information

As an applicant, a small notice will be posted on the site by The City as part of most applications.

Large notices for more significant developments
If an application is more significant in nature and is in proximity to a residential community the applicant may be required to post a large format notice.

To determine when a large notice is required the 
No​tice Posting Size Guidelines have been developed. The City is collecting internal and external stakeholder feedback that may influence these guidelines in the future.
If a large format notice is required, the applicant will receive an email from The City when the notice is to be posted, including the image of the notice to be posted, and the Customer’s Guide to Posting Large Format Notices. If you have questions about if a large format notice will be required for your development or land use change please speak with your file manager.

Notice posting journey

The City began reviewing its notice posting process in 2016, piloting design options and encouraging citizens to comment. Thanks to citizen feedback, a few modifications were made to the 2016 notice pilot to create a second pilot version.  

In the summer of 2017, The City encouraged citizens to comment on our second notice pilot, which included a larger version measuring four by eight feet. An online survey linked to this pilot was used to validate initial citizen input and ensure the new notices are simple, informative and transparent.

In December of 2017, Council asked Administration to return with a redesigned notice. In April 2018 Council reviewed the redesigned notice and supported the changes. The first new notices were installed at land use and development application sites October 2018.