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Heritage Planning

Heritage planning

Highlighted Inventory Sites

Heritage planning at The City of Calgary

Heritage Planning is a business unit in the Planning & Development department. It creates policy to protect and manage Calgary’s historic resources. Heritage Planning works with the Calgary Heritage Authority, which evaluates and adds sites to the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources.


Permit Review Process
Heritage Legal Protection
Heritage conservation Incentives and Programs
Standards & Guidelines

Public awareness

Heritage Publications and Links

Calgary Heritage Authority​

The Calgary Heritage Authority (CHA) is a Council-appointed advisory group that evaluates potential heritage sites and maintains the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources. The CHA provides Council with expertise regarding heritage resources and promote public awareness of Calgary’s history. They  run Calgary’s biannual Lion Awards and the Heritage Plaque Program.​​​​

Since 1992, the CHA and its predecessors have been placing plaques to recognize important heritage sites and allow Calgarians to learn about our heritage resources.

This plaque program is open to all Calgarians who:

  1. have a house listed on the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources
  2. have a historic designation for their property, or
  3. are a member of the Century Homes program.