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Calgary's Municipal Development Plan (MDP)

The Municipal Development Plan at Work
The Municipal Development Plan at Work: The City has been evaluating proposed developments and directing growth using the Municipal Development Plan since 2009.

Calgary's Municipal Development Plan and its accompanying maps were adopted by City Council in 2009. It contains policies that will shape how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. Calgary is expected to grow by another 1.3 million people over that time which makes it important that we plan for our future.

The Municipal Development Plan aims to build a city where people can choose from a variety of housing types in numerous unique communities. It works together with the Calgary Transportation Plan to provide multiple transportation options so all Calgarians -- whether travelling by car, bike, transit or foot -- are able to travel safely and conveniently to meet their daily needs. It strives to create an environment where The City of Calgary can provide the services that Calgarians desire in a way that is financially sustainable, while protecting the natural environment and supporting a prosperous economy.

In short, the Municipal Development Plan strives to build a Calgary that will continue to be a leader in environmental stewardship, a driving force in the Canadian economy and a place that people of varying ages, incomes, interests and lifestyles are proud to call home.

​The following video, Filling in the Gaps, was created by City of Calgary staff members David Couroux and Mathew Sheldrake and was shown at Baconfest.