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Building permit fee calculator - Care Facilities DRAFT

This calculator automatically calculates your construction project's Prevailing market value, base permit fee, and total permit fee as you enter values in each step.

Step 1: calculate prevailing market value

Care Facility
Combustible or combustible/non-combustible
× $ =
× $ =
Parkade (above grade)
× $ =
Parkade (partially above or below grade)
× $ =
Single level
× $ =
Prevailing Market Value

Prevailing Market Value (PMV) means the valuation placed by the permit issuer according to Division C article of the Alberta Building Code on the cost of constructing and finishing a building. An independent, third-party consultant determines the prevailing market value. Division C2.2.10.2. Permit Fees
  1. Permit fees and application procedures shall be as established by regulation or bylaw made pursuant to the Safety Codes Act.
  2. The authority having jurisdiction may place a valuation on work for the purpose of determining fees.

Step 2: calculate base permit fee

Permit rate
Prevailing market value (PMV) rounded up to the next $100
× $ per $1000 =
Minimum Processing Fee
+ $ =
$ Minimum $

Step 3: add additional fees and surcharges

Safety Codes Council Fee - Base Permit
Base permit fee
× =
Minimum $
Maximum $
Partial Permit Rate
× $ =
Minimum $
Maximum $
Safety Codes Council Fee - Partial Permit
(added if Partial Permit is requested)
Partial permit rate
× =
Minimum $
Maximum $
Lot Grading Fee

× $ / ha =


Care facility: ​Care facility without treatment, assisted or supportive living facility, grouphome, hospice without treatment, nursing home without treatment, lodge, convalescent home.

Authority: this calculator summarizes the fees collected with Building Permits and should be used for conv​enience only. For official fees, reference the Calgary Building Permit Bylaw 64M94.

Area: Gross Floor Area of the building. This includes but is not limited to hotel rooms, corridors, service/mechanical/electrical rooms, amenity spaces, retail spaces, office spaces, lobbies/lounges, storage rooms, workshops, laundry rooms, kitchens, restaurants, exit stairs. Covered outdoor areas over 10m2 should also be included in the area.

Lot Grading Fees Authority: this form summarizes the fees collected with Building Permits and should be used for convenience only. For official fees, reference the Calgary Bylaw 32M2004 regulating the Surface Grades of Properties. The intent of the bylaw is to ensure that surface drainage flo​ws away from buildings. The Lot Grading Fee is applied to all Building Permit applications for New Commercial / Industrial buildings. The Lot Grading Fee is applied to Commercial / Industrial Additions if grades are required on the Mechanical Site Circulation Slip. ​

Safety Codes Council fees: for the purpose of the Safety Codes Council fee, the base permit and the partia​l permit, if requested, are considered two separate items. The municipality will collect the Safety Codes Council fee for each permit, base permit and partial permit, issued under the authority of the Safety Codes Act.​

Prevailing market value - Incl​udes the following items


  • Sub-structure (Foundations, Excavation, Special Conditions)
  • Structure (lowest floor, upper floors and roof construction)
  • Exterior Enclosure (walls below grade, walls above grade, Windows and Entrances, Roof Covering, Projections)


  • Partitions and Doors
  • Finishes
  • Fittings and Equipment (Fitting and Fixtures, Equipment, Elevators)


  • Mechanical (Plumbing and Drainage, Fire Protection, HVAC including Controls)
  • Electrical (Service and Distribution, Lighting Devices and Heating, Systems and Ancillary)

General Requ​irem​ents, Profit and Allowances

  • General Site Requirements (site supervision, temporary site offices and toilets, garbage removal, temporary water and power, temporary site access roads, utility maintenance during construction, winter heat/protection, site safety and security, general constractor’s liabililty insurance, bonding)
  • General Contractor’s Profit
  • Allowances
  • Design and Pricing Allowance ( a contingency to allow for design flexibility during contract document stage)
  • Construction Allowance (allows for changes during construction – change orders)

Prevailing market value - Exc​ludes the following items

  • Land Acquisition costs
  • Development charges
  • Legal Fees and expenses
  • Right of Way charges
  • Easement costs
  • Financing costs or Fundraising costs
  • Owners staff and management cost ( note - contractor cost and staff ARE to be included in prevailing market value​)
  • Relocation costs
  • Professional Design fees and expenses
  • Hazardous waste removal
  • Kitchen equipment except for restaurants/food service establishments
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Loose furniture, furnishings and equipment
  • Special audio, visual or security equipment
  • Window treatments
  • Site Development and Servicing costs
  • Market allowance for uncompetitive bidding & over competitive bidding
  • Escalation allowance
  • GST