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Planning & Development Service Plan

The 2018 Planning & Development Service Plan​ supports our corporate mandate and commitments in Action Plan 2015-2018​.

Our mission

To plan and facilitate building a great Calgary.

Our key result areas

Planning & Development has defined three key result areas that will help us ensure our services are aligned, managed within budget, and resourced appropriately. At the end of the day, everything we do is prioritized and should be moving us closer to achieving our key result areas.

Municipal Developmen​t Plan and Calgary Transpo​rtation Plan are advanced

  • Advance the long-term visions.
  • Create policy to guide decisions regarding applications to build, develop and redevelop.
  • Provide clarity to ensure development proceeds in a coordinated manner.
  • Shape Calgary based on how citizens want our city to look, function and grow.

Development is ​​realized

  • Review applications and provide customers with a decision in a timely manner.
  • Apply City policy and bylaws to application review and ensure building plans are prepared to meet the Alberta Building Code.
  • Work with applicants through the entire review process where key decision-makers (Development Authority, Calgary Planning Commission and Council) give the final approval.

Buildings are sa​fe​

  • Ensure compliance with regulations that govern building, use and occupancy.
  • Govern compliance to Alberta safety codes and trade-specific codes (building, electrical, plumbing and gas).
  • Review building construction to ensure compliance with Alberta’s Safety Codes Act.

Within these three key result areas, our core strategy is focused on service delivery for our customers and citizens. In addition, we want our employees to see how their work contributes to the key result areas, and how they can deliver excellent service.


The business plan also considers areas of work that support the three key results areas:

Effective tools: pol​​icies, bylaws, regulations and codes

  • Provide clear direction through creating and implementing bylaws, policies, regulations and codes.

Effective collaboration department that supports achievement of quality development

  • Assist in achieving Planning & Development’s key result areas through training, technical advancements and internal support.

Planning & Development’s services are focused on attaining these objectives and our performance measures set the standard. Our business plan will help ensure that our services are efficient and effective, that we deliver on prioritized projects, and that we are transparent, accountable and adaptable.

Our business plan will also:

  • Provide direction on priorities and effectively allocate resources;
  • Demonstrate the work of each of our 650 employees with the alignment of our cascading goals;
  • Ensure accountability on day-to-day service delivery and ensure key projects are held to meaningful performance standards; and
  • Build flexibility to reflect the changing needs of our department

Our service work

In responding to the feedback we received from the Customer Satisfaction Survey, numerous engagement activities, application process feedback, committees and a variety of other business inputs, Planning & Development is more committed than ever before to meeting our customers’ needs.

When selecting the service work to focus our energy on, we prioritize by selecting work that will not only enable us to better meet customer needs but also, that will move us closer to achieving our key results without compromising our ability to deliver on our day-to-day services.