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Property Research Centre

The Property Research Centre provides a wide-range of planning documents and records on real estate in Calgary. You can request the information by submitting an online 311 request.

Please​ note: your files will not be ordered until a Records and Information Management representative contacts you.​

Permit infor​mation

The Property Research Centre helps locate information on building permits, development permits, trade permits, subdivision permits and land use amendment applications for properties in Calgary. For a complete list of the searches and files available, please see the Planning Documents & Records fee schedule.

311 Property Information request

Development Site Se​rvicing Plans

Development Site Servicing Plans (DSSPs) are engineer-drawn plans for commercial and multi-family sites from 1971 and later. They show where the water, sanitary, storm lines and drainage layout enter and leave a property. They do not show where other utility lines go once they enter a property.

311 Development Site Servicing Plan request


Planning application data is available for purchase. Please see the Planning Documents & Records fee schedule for a list of subscriptions available. For more information, please contact 311.

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Frequently asked questions about property research

How far back do your records go?

For residential properties with one and two-family dwellings, records are usually available from 1980 – present.

For commercial or multi-family properties, records are usually available from 1969/70 – present. It may be possible that records exist from before 1970 on microfiche/microfilm.

What if I don’t find what I’m looking for?

We cannot guarantee the contents of a file and there is no refund if the information is not in the file. If you did not find what you were looking for, see the Guide to Researching Building History for informatio​n on other resources available to you.

What happens after I make a request to view files?

You will be contacted by our staff within 11 days of making your request. We will confirm your request and take payment for your order. After you’ve paid, allow three to five working days for the files to be obtained from off-site storage. Requests for more than five files will require additional time. Rush requests are not offered.

Once your files have been obtained, our staff will contact you to make an appointment for you to view the files.

Files will be held in the Property Research Centre for 10 working days to view. If the requestor has not come in to see the files, or contacted the Property Research Centre staff for an extension, the files will be returned to the off-site storage facility. If files are required after they have been returned to storage, then the initial search fee will be charged for retrieval.

Can I pick up the files to review them at my office or home?

No. Information in the files must be viewed at the Property Research Centre. Files cannot be taken off the premises.

Can I copy the files?

You may not copy, photograph or trace the information in the files. You may purchase copies of documents, if copyright permission letters have been obtained.

How can I get permission to reproduce copyright materials?

If you require copies of plans, even if you own the property, we require written permission from the owner of the copyright before we can reproduce the plans. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain all permission letters that are necessary to copy the desired materials. Please be aware that there are some companies that charge a fee to release an authorization letter.

The authorization letter must include the following:

  • Confirmation that the individual or corporation signing the letter is the sole owner of the copyright for the plans described (provide identifying information such as project address, legal description and/or project number).
  • Consent for The City to make a specified number of copies of the described plans and release them to the requestor.
  • A telephone number for the individual signing the letter must be provided, so that staff may contact him/her with further questions.
  • In the case of a corporation, the letter should be on letterhead and executed under corporate seal.

When can I get my copied materials?

It takes two to three working days to copy the plans after all copyright permission letters have been received. Specific information can be requested and prepared for pick-up once all the copyright requirements have been met.

What if I need to look at the files again?

Once the files have been viewed, they will be held for a maximum of 15 working days to allow for follow up work. The files will then be returned to the off-site storage facility. If files are required after they have been returned to storage, then the initial search fee will be charged for retrieval.

What data is provided with my subscription?

  • Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) meeting agendas with full reports: hard copies of agendas with full reports are available for the bi-weekly CPC meetings. The agendas are available the Monday prior to the meeting (scheduled on Thursdays), on a pick-up only basis. Agendas not picked up will be discarded. Back issues of agendas are not available. CPC agendas with full reports are available free of charge on the Friday preceding the meeting date. CPC minutes are no longer offered on subscription, as they are now available at Calgary Planning Commission minutes.
  • New single and two-family houses: a listing of all new single and two family residential housing permits applied for each month. The listing is by community district and builder's name. It is distributed electronically in the first week of each month.
  • New multi-family: a listing of all apartment, triplex, fourplex and townhouse permits applied for each month. The listing is by community district and builder’s name. It is distributed electronically in the first week of each month.
  • All building permits: a chronological listing of all building permit applications made each week. It is distributed electronically every Monday.
  • Antenna submissions: a hard copy chronological listing of all antenna submissions made each month. It is available for pick-up only.
  • Tenancy change applications: a listing of the all tenancy change applications within existing buildings issued each week. It is distributed electronically every Monday.
  • Statement of all building permits: a summary of the number and value of building permits issued each month. The summary provides year-to-date information and data from the previous year for comparison. It is distributed electronically. The building permit statement is also available free of charge.

Does The City provide applicant phone numbers in subscription lists?

No, applicant phone numbers and email addresses are not included in subscription lists.

Can I start a subscription partway through the year?

Yes, subscription prices are set on a weekly, monthly or per meeting basis, so you can subscribe any time during the year. To learn about current subscription prices, please contact 311.​​​​​​​​​​​​​