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Planning & Development Publications

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Calgary Land Use Bylaw

Community & Area Plans

Growth and Change​

Suburban Residential Growth

These reports track the location and pace of suburban development activity to help balance residential land supply with anticipated future demand. A five-year growth forecast is produced annually and a ready-to-build lot inventory is updated monthly.

Employment Areas Growth and Change

These reports provide information on serviced (i.e. existing City infrastructure in place), planned and annexed land supply available in Calgary for industrial development.

Developed Areas Growth and Change

This report tracks redevelopment potential of Calgary’s established communities in terms of additional units that could be built under the land use designation or approved planning policy.

Calgary Snapshots

Do you have questions about how Calgary is growing? Check out the snapshots for some fast facts and frequently asked questions.


The above documents are also available in hardcopy. Please place a Service Request with 3-1-1 or visit the Planning Information Centre located on the 3rd floor, Calgary Municipal Building for a complete list of hardcopy documents.