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Planning & Development resource library

If you would like hard copies of policy documents, they are available for purchase by submitting a request for a policy document. For a list of hardcopy products and prices, see the planning documents & records fee schedule.

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Building Regulation advisories and bulletins

Building and Development lists and forms (CARLs)

Service Plan

Community & Area Plans

Calgary Approvals Coordination publications

Calgary Approvals Coordination catalogues and distributes technical specifications and engineering design manuals.

The City of Calgary no longer prints and sell hardcopies. Users are encouraged to explore the digital specifications before printing hardcopies.

Technical specifications

Cathodic Protection Installation

Version Effective date Addenda
Cathodic Protection Installation Checklist 2018

Capital project construction signs

Version Effective date Addenda
Capital Signage Guidelines 2018-01-01

Standard specifications for water construction

Version Effective date Addenda
Standard Specifications for Waterworks Construction August 2018 to present
Proximity guidelines 2015 2015-03-25
Stormwater Irrigation Guidelines 2018

Standard specifications for sewer construction

Version Effective date Addenda
Sewer Construction 2018 2018-06-05 to present Sanitary Deep Manhole 2016

Standard specifications for roads construction

Version Effective date Addenda
Roads construction 2015 (Current)


Roads construction 2012 2012
Roads construction 2010 (Superseded) 2010-02-15 to

Standard specifications for landscape construction

Version Effective date Addenda
Landscape construction 2018 (Current) 2018
Landscape construction 2017 (Superseded) 2017
Landscape construction 2013 (Superseded) 2013
Landscape construction 2012 (Superseded)


Landscape construction 2011 (Superseded) 2011
Landscape construction 2010 (Superseded)

2010-02-15 to

Standard specifications for street lighting construction

Version Effective date Addenda
Street lighting construction 2006 (Current) 2006-01-01 to present
Street lighting material catalogue 2016

Design manuals and guidelines

Waste and Recycling Services requirements

Version Effective date Addenda
Development Reviews: Design Standards for the Storage and Collection of Recyclable Materials and Waste 2015-06-17

Sewer bypass pumping guidelines

Version Effective date
Sewer Bypass Pumping Guidelines 2018-01-01

Wastewater lift stations

Version Effective date
Wastewater Lift Station Design Guidelines 2016-11-02

Design and construction of sewer pipes

Version Effective date Addenda
Standard practice for design and construction of flexible thermoplastic sewer pipe 2009-07-30 to present
Standard Practice for Design and Construction of Rigid Gravity Sewer Pipe 2009-07-30 to present

Design and construction of feederman pipes

Version Effective date Addenda
Design and Construction of Feedermain Pipes 2018-01-01

Stormwater management design manual

Version Effective date Addenda
Stormwater management and design 2011

Guidelines for erosion and sediment control

Version Effective date Addenda
Erosion and sediment control guidelines 2011 (Current) 2011-12-01 to present

Field manual for effective erosion and sediment control

Version Effective date Addenda
Erosion and sediment control field manual 2011 (Current) 2011-12-01 to present

Design guidelines for street lighting

Version Effective date Addenda
Design guidelines for street lighting 2016 (Current) present

Servicing guidelines for new single family / semi-detached / duplex dwellings in the developed area

Version Effective date Addenda
Residential grades Complete Application Requirement List (CARL) 2012-08-31
Residential water services reuse guideline 2016-04-4

Design guidelines for City of Calgary funded buildings

Version Effective date Addenda
Design guidelines for City of Calgary funded buildings 2010
Design guidelines for fire stations 2011

Other publications

Access Design Standards

Standard block profile specifications for CAD and manual formats

Version Effective date Addenda
Block profile 2008 (Current) 2008-01-01 to Present


Version Effective date Addenda
The Utility Site Servicing bylaw January 1, 2012

Centre City/Downtown

Growth and Change

Citywide Retail and Commercial Study

This study that focuses on the commercial uses related to retail and services in the City of Calgary helps to better understand current conditions and future needs.

Suburban Residential Growth

These reports track the location and pace of suburban development activity to help balance residential land supply with anticipated future demand. A five-year growth forecast is produced annually and a ready-to-build lot inventory is updated monthly.

Employment Areas Growth and Change

These reports provide information on serviced (i.e. existing City infrastructure in place), planned and annexed land supply available in Calgary for industrial development.

Developed Areas Growth and Change

This report tracks redevelopment potential of Calgary’s established communities in terms of additional units that could be built under the land use designation or approved planning policy.

Calgary Snapshots

Calgary Snapshots has information about growth and change in Calgary. It is produced by The City's Geodemographics group.


Inventory of Costs

Policies & guidelines


Transit Oriented Development

These documents are also available in hardcopy. Call 311 or visit the Planning Services Centre located on the 3rd floor, Calgary Municipal Building (800 Macleod Trail SE) for a complete list of hardcopy documents.