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Downtown West Initiatives

The Downtown West community is located just west of the Downtown Commercial Core between 8 Street S.W. and 14 Street S.W., bordered by the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks to the south and the Bow River to the north.

Downtown West is a diverse neighbourhood, home to residential towers, businesses, historical buildings and post-secondary institutions. This area has been the site of development since Calgary’s earliest beginnings, and continues to be over 130 years later.

Adding to this community’s vibrancy and unique character, The City of Calgary is undertaking a number of initiatives to improve the neighbourhood. More information on these various projects and initiatives can be found below.

Facade Improvement Program (FIP)

The City of Calgary is undertaking an initiative to encourage and assist building owners to refresh and revitalize building facades throughout the Downtown West community in order to improve the public realm. Property owners will be able to apply for grants to upgrade business facades, enhancing the streetscape and bringing vibrancy back to properties in need of renewal. The FIP supports the restoration, revitalization and reinvestment of commercial properties within the community, with the goal of helping create a welcoming and lively environment for residents and visitors to the neighbourhood.

The program is now open for applications. Information about the program is below. Please contact Natalie Marchut, Project Manager at for further details.

If you’d like to take part in the program please fill out our application form and submit to


Urban Strategy

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Community Mural Program

The Community Mural Program is a pilot program being run in partnership between the Downtown West Community Association and The City of Calgary and is intended to showcase local artists, improve the public realm and build community spirit in the Downtown West neighbourhood. Three locations in the community have been selected for mural installations and artwork will reflect the neighbourhood’s principles of inclusion, sustainability, and community pride.

The locations for current mural installations are:

920 9 Avenue S.W. - north facing wall on parkade
920 9 Avenue S.W. - north facing wall on parkade

700 9 Street S.W. - north facing wall

1010 6 Avenue S.W. - east and north facing walls

Requests for murals are still being accepted. If you are a building owner in the Downtown West Community and would like to be part of this exciting initiative, or would like more information, please contact Natalie Marchut with The City of Calgary at

Temporary Park and Community Space

The City of Calgary, with the Downtown West Community Association, is exploring the possibility of creating temporary park and community space for the enjoyment of residents and visitors to the neighbourhood. City of Calgary owned land that is currently vacant but slated for future development may be transformed into temporary park space for the benefit of the community while plans for development are made.

The triangle piece of land that is located just south of the Bow River at 10 Street S.W. and 5 Avenue S.W. is a Right of Way for future roadworks. Until this site is developed, The City of Calgary plan to test this space as a temporary off leash dog park for the use of residents and visitors to the area.

Triangle right of way parcel

The vacant land located south of the Bow River directly to the west of the Avatamsaka Monastery will be cleaned up and graded with screened loam by The City of Calgary with grass planted. The City of Calgary plans to provide this area as temporary park space for the enjoyment of the community until re-development of the roadway and riverfront is undertaken.

Second parcel by Monastery

By providing vacant, underutilized land for the temporary use of residents and visitors to the community, we are offering the opportunity for an enhanced public realm and enriching the Downtown West neighbourhood with more spaces for community outdoor uses.

Updates on development timelines for these temporary public spaces will be posted here, so please check back often.

Neighbourhood Beautification

One of the most important corridors in Centre City is 8 Avenue S.W., anchored by the Calgary Municipal Building on the east and the Mewata Armoury on the west. It is the location of a cycle track and is used by thousands of cyclists and pedestrians every day. To enrich the street and beautify the area during the summer months, 12 flower pots have been planted and placed between 8 and 10 Street S.W.

The 8 Avenue master plan work will be started in the coming months and additional initiatives and pilot projects may occur along this corridor during that time. Updates to the work on the Masterplan will be posted here.