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Road Contractors and consultants

There are a number of policy and specification manuals of importance to contractors and consultants performing work for The City of Calgary.

Cover of Temporary Traffic Control Manual
Temporary Traffic Control Manual

The Temporary Traffic Control Manual is intended as a practical working reference to be used by private contractors, consultants, utility companies and City personnel. Uniform standards and procedures are set out in this manual and shall be adhered to when working on or adjacent to roadways under the jurisdiction of The City of Calgary. Includes information on working on City right-of-ways, performance guidelines, traffic control devices and incident/emergency procedures.

Standard Specifications Roads Construction

The Standard Specifications for Road Construction indicates the minimum standards for the design and construction / rehabilitation of road infrastructure owned by The City of Calgary. The document serves as a standard reference and is consistent with the current practice. Certain modifications necessary to suit the requirements of a specific project are generally specified in the contract as supplementary specifications or special provisions.

2012 version

2015 version 

Force Account Rates

The Force Account Rates include work not specified in the Contract or of a class not included in the Contract but is required to achieve the intent or scope of the Contract. All rates shall be approved by the Engineer prior to the commencement of any Force Account Work. If, in the opinion of the Engineer, there is no applicable Contract unit price, then all labour, equipment and material will be paid for as detailed in this document, or at the new unit prices agreed to by both the Engineer and the Contractor as per Clauses G.C.6.2.a and G.C.6.2.b in the Standard General Conditions.

Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plan Framework

The purpose of the Environmental Constructions Operations (ECO) Plan Framework is to provide instructions to contractors and consultants on ECO Plan development. An ECO Plan is a contractor’s plan for the identification and mitigation of potential environmental impacts that may occur as a result of their activities and may be required by The City of Calgary before work begins. The Framework is meant to help contractors and consultants streamline the process of filing an ECO Plan and contains the ECO Plan checklist which must be completed.