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Local improvements

If The City of Calgary replaces infrastructure e.g. sidewalks, which have reached the end of their lifecycle, in your community you will not have to contribute to the cost of that infrastructure renewal.

A local improvement is a project that is defined as: A project that Council considers to be of greater benefit to an area of the municipality than to the whole municipality, and is to be paid for in whole or in part by a tax imposed on the properties affected by the project.

Note that the following information is supplemental to the Local Improvements brochure, and is provided here to give a synopsis of the process.

Process overview

Most citizen-initiated local improvements are for backlane alley paving but the Petition packages can be used for all local improvements.

  • Petition for: This is when a citizen begins the process of gathering the necessary signatures to commence with a local improvement.
    eService - Request a Petition For package
  • Notice of intention: This is a letter sent by The City to property owners who are affected by the local improvement. This indicates the type of work proposed and the estimate cost to each property owner. Affected citizens have 30 days from the mailing date of this notice to appeal through the Petition Against process.
  • Petition against: This is when an affected citizen or property owner does not agree with the proposed Local Improvement and has submitted a Petition Against the Local Improvement.
    eServices - Request a Petition Against package
  • Assessment Notice: Provides details regarding the total assessed size/length, term and interest rate. This is also subject to a 30 day appeal process by affected property owners from the mailing date of the Assessment Notice.
  • Payout Notice: If you have received an Assessment/Payout Notice, this is a statement which provides the total cost of the project, as well as the amount for the affected resident or property owner to pay. If this payment is made, no interest charges are applied. If the affected resident or property owner chooses not to payout the total cost, this notice also includes the annual levy which will be included in their annual property taxes.