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Wheelchair ramps requests

The City of Calgary endeavours to construct wheelchair ramps for the use of the general public at intersections and crosswalks. Wheelchair ramp requests are handled by the Crossing Group which assess and schedules the installation of wheelchair ramps and other sidewalk and street crossings.

Request a wheelchair ramp at a corner or at a marked crosswalk online.

eService - Wheelchair slope / ramp request 

Requests for a wheelchair ramp in front of a private residence or business

Roads will forward the request to Traffic Control and Parking for their review. The caller will be notified by Roads of the result of the review. If approved, the cost will be at the expense of the property owner.

Requests for wheelchair slope maintenance

Public Property:

• For repairs, create an online Roads -Sidewalk - Curb - Gutter Repair Service Request.

eService - Sidewalk curb repair request 

Private Property:

• Wheelchair ramps located on private property are the responsibility of the owner. Please contact the property or business owner.

Service level agreement

The Crossing Group aims to review requests and respond to inquiries within seven business days.