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Calgary's Plus 15 Network

Plus 15 Construction Alert

Plus 15 Construction Alert

Some sections currently closed for repairs


Plus 15, Locations closed

Locations closed


Locations closed
Plus 15 map

Plus 15 map

Download the map
Plus 15 policy update project

Plus 15 Policy

Project updates

​Plus 15 Map

Print out a copy of the Calgary Plus 15 Map. It will show you how to navigate the Plus 15 network through downtown, all in the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Plus 15 construction alerts

Some sections of the Plus 15 network are currently undergoing repair with various impacts to pedestrians.

Plus 15s closed

  • From the Hanover Building crossing 6 Avenue S.W. to Suncor Place, until the end of February 2018.
  • From the Central Library crossing Macleod Trail to Rocky Mountain Plaza, until further notice.
  • From Rocky Mountain Plaza crossing 6 Avenue S.E. to the Family of Man Park, until further notice.
  • From the Andrew Davison Building crossing 1 Street S.E. to Carter Place, until further notice.

Plus 15 open during cladding work

  • From Western Canadian Place crossing 9 Avenue S.W., between 6 Street and 7 Street S.W.

Future repairs

Another six crossings are due for lifecycle repairs in 2018, and eight more in 2019.

Plus 15 policy update project

The City of Calgary is undertaking a project to update the 1984 Plus 15 Policy. The Plus 15 Network is an integral piece of the transportation network downtown promoting the efficient movement workers and goods.

Updating this outdated policy will allow The City to work with downtown stakeholders to help improve the network, its security, and overall experiences for all users. The updated Policy is expected to be presented to Council in the last quarter of 2018.

Project Update – January 25, 2018

Pedestrian Counts and data collection

Representatives of The City of Calgary will be in the Plus 15s in February and March doing pedestrian counts as well as other intercept type surveys. The data collected during will in turn help inform the overall Plus 15 Network Plan. Representatives will be looking at things like how people use the Plus 15s, what are the key links in the network, what are some missing links, safety and security pieces, as well as wayfinding.

Calgary Police Service – Increased Patrols in February

As part of this project, Calgary Police Service (CPS) will be increasing the amount of time their Beat Officers spend patrolling the Plus 15 System for the month of February. Also, they will be engaging with security personnel and building operators to help reduce some of the concerns expressed in the Survey we sent out in December.

This will have a great impact in the short term as we work to finalize an interim security strategy for 2018. CPS will also include information about these patrols in their monthly report to Ward Councillors and the Calgary Downtown Association.

There are more than 83 bridges and 14 km of walkways.

Plus 15 contact

To report Plus 15 issues or to request more information, please submit an online service request to 311.

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