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Calgary's Plus 15 Network

Plus 15 Construction Alert

Plus 15 Construction Alert

Some sections currently closed for repairs


Plus 15, Locations closed

Locations closed


Locations closed
Plus 15 map

Plus 15 map

Download the map
Why Plus 15 and other fun facts

Why Plus 15?

Fun Facts

​Plus 15 Map

Print out a copy of the Calgary Plus 15 Map. It will show you how to navigate the Plus 15 network through downtown, all in the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Plus 15 construction alerts

Between September and November 2017, some sections of the Plus 15 network are undergoing repair with various impacts to pedestrians.

Plus 15s closed for repairs

  • From the Hanover Building crossing 6 Avenue S.W, to Suncor Place, until the end of December
  • From the Central Library crossing Macleod Trail to Rocky Mountain Plaza, until further notice.
  • From Rocky Mountain Plaza crossing 6 Avenue S.E. to the Family of Man Park, until further notice.
  • From Andrew Davison Building crossing 1 Street S.E. to Carter Place, until further notice.

Plus 15s periodically closed during roof replacements

These sections will be closed on and off throughout construction for safety. Advance notice will be provided at the locations.

  • From Centennial Parkade​ crossing 5 Street S.W. to Eight Avenue Place, between 8 Avenue and 9 Avenue S.W.
  • From Intact Place crossing 6 Avenue S.W., between 3 Street and 2 Street S.W.

Plus 15s open during cladding work

  • From the Shell Building crossing 4 Avenue S.W., between 3 Street and 4 Street S.W.
  • From Western Canadian Place crossing 9 Avenue S.W., between 6 Street and 7 Street S.W.
  • From the TransCanada Building crossing 1 Street S.W., just north of 5 Avenue S.W.


The Plus 15 name and other fun facts

Calgary's Plus 15 network is named for its height above street level, approximately 15 feet.

The concept for a Plus 15 in Calgary dates back to 1963. Unlike the underground pedestrian systems emerging in various North American cities of the day, an above-ground system was selected for Calgary due to:

  • The city's high water table
  • The abundance of existing underground services
  • The cost of excavation

In 1965, a downtown renewal initiative in Calgary provided the means to develop a new convenient, secure pedestrian system. However, it was Harold Hanen who recognized the opportunities and championed the Plus 15 network in Calgary.

The first Plus 15 bridge was installed on Jan. 21, 1970, connecting Calgary Place to the former Calgary Inn (now the Westin Hotel). By 1984, the system consisted of 38 bridges, 8 km of walkways and numerous public spaces. Today there are more than 83 bridges and 14 km of walkways.

Plus 15 contact

To report Plus 15 issues or to request more information, please submit an online service request to 311.

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