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Gravel lane repair

The City of Calgary is responsible for maintaining approximately 2,000 km of gravel lanes. Back lanes can deteriorate over time causing issues such as potholes, incorrect drainage and improper grade.

Back lane paving​​​​ 

Community lane repair schedule 2016

The Backlane maintenance repair program takes place annually from mid May to mid October. The 2016 program is now complete.

Gravel lane maintenance treatment

A typical gravel lane maintenance treatment consists of:

  1. Inspection of the gravel lane to see if it is necessary to re-grade the surface.
  2. Grading to address potholes, ensure proper grade and drainage.
  3. Adding or removing material as necessary.
  4. Application of a mixture of Calcium Chloride/Water to assist in compaction of the surface and to reduce dust.

Lanes that receive repair

Every gravel lane in Calgary will be inspected, but only lanes requiring maintenance will be graded and repaired. Back lanes with the following issues will be repaired:

  • Severe drainage issues.
  • Issue caused by excavation / utility cuts.
  • Gravel amounts (need more / too much).
  • Low / high manholes.
  • Severe potholes / ruts / washboard-like corrugations.
  • Sinkholes (caving in / getting larger).

Report a backlane concern

Use the online Service Request to report Maintenance Concerns in a backlane within the City of Calgary. Such issues include drainage, excavation / utility cut (previous repair), gravel concern, low / high manhole, muddy / dusty, potholes / ruts, sinkholes (caving in / getting larger) and washboard concerns.

eServices - Report a backlane or alley maintenance concern 

NOTE: Backlane maintenance takes place from mid June to mid October. Requests for maintenance during winter months will not be scheduled until the following regular maintenance period. Repairs are done on a priority basis according to the severity of the problem as reported during inspection.

How you can help

We rely on the cooperation of vehicle owners to observe gravel repair signs and remove their vehicles and garbage or recycling bins from gravel lanes. On your waste and recycling collection day place bins out as you normally would. Crews will move the bins to the side while work is completed and move them back for collection.

neighbourhood gravel lane repair signs

When you see our signs or our equipment in your neighbourhood, please remove any obstacles located in the laneway.

Lanes that are found too congested for work due to the following obstacles will be excluded from gravel lane repair:

  • An incomplete utility excavation. Contact the appropriate service provider for assistance. 
  • Cars, motor homes, or trailers.
  • Construction bins or stored material.
  • Debris piles / excavated dirt piles.
  • Unburied internet / cable lines crossing the lane.
  • Low-hanging tree branches.

You can report debris in your lane with the online eService request below.

eServices - Report debris in lanes

Gravel lane repair in your community, starting mid May. Help crews make repairs quickly and easily by removing objects in the way during your back alley maintenance.