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Back lane repairs

The City maintains approximately 2,000 km of gravel and paved back lanes. Road crews check the full network every spring and schedule repairs in priority order as needed. Maintenance starts once crews have finished Spring Clean-up, and continues throughout the summer until mid-October.

Gravel lanes generally require more upkeep than paved lanes, but the ways you can help crews get the work done are the same. The signs that a back lane needs maintenance are also similar, whether gravel or paved.

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Repair notice

If you have a gravel lane flagged for repair, we’ll let you know by posting a sign like the one shown here. You’ll see a similar sign if your paved lane is up for repair.

How you can help

You can help us get the job done quickly and cost-effectively by removing any obstacles for the duration of the repair, such as:

  • Cars, motor homes, trailers
  • Construction bins, stored material
  • Debris, excavated dirt piles
  • Low-hanging tree branches
  • Black, blue, green carts*

You can also help by reporting obstacles that aren’t yours with an eService report.
eServices - Report debris in lanes

Please note: Lanes that remain cluttered will be taken off the current year’s repair schedule.

*The one exception is your waste, recycling and compost bins. When lane repairs fall on a regular waste pick up day, please put your bins out as you normally would. The repair crew will move them aside while they work on your section of lane, and put them back before moving on.

Back lanes due for repair

The following are signs that a back lane is due for repair:

  • Poor drainage
  • Severe potholes, ruts, washboards
  • Emerging/worsening sink holes
  • Too much/too little gravel
  • Low/high manhole covers

If you notice any of these issues before our crews start their annual inspections, please let us know with an online Service Request.
eServices - Report a back lane maintenance concern
Back lane repair in your community, starting June. Help crews make repairs quickly and easily by removing objects in the way during your back lane maintenance.