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Maintenance of Business Revitalization Zones

Roads Maintenance works closely with Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) to ensure they remain clean, vibrant and inviting additions to Calgary communities. The City’s ten BRZs are maintained by replacing/repairing damaged structures such as benches, bike racks and trash cans.

Business Revitalization Zones play an essential role in Calgary by offering an array of unique stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and adding character to the communities where they operate. Over the years, Calgary’s BRZs have helped create some of the city’s best known and most loved neighbourhoods by leading and supporting area revitalization efforts, and promoting safety and crime prevention.  

Roads Maintenance roles and responsibilities:

Roads Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the following structures in BRZs:

  • Benches
  • Bike racks
  • Trash receptacles
  • Recycling receptacles
  • Decorative street lights (in Barclay Mall and Stephen Avenue only)

Please note that Roads is not responsible for International Avenue BRZ maintenance. Any maintenance request for this area must be sent directly to the International Avenue BRZ

You can help:

To help locate and make repairs quickly, please fill out an online service request to report concerns regarding damages or issues with furniture (bench, bike racks, etc.), trash receptacles and newspaper recycling receptacles in the Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs).

eServices - BRZ maintenance request

BRZs in Calgary:

  • Bowness BRZ
  • Fourth Street BRZ
  • Inglewood BRZ
  • International Avenue BRZ
  • Kensington BRZ
  • Marda Loop BRZ
  • Montgomery BRZ
  • Uptown 17 BRZ
  • Victoria Crossing BRZ
  • Calgary Downtown Association (CDA) BRZ
    • Olympic Plaza
    • 7 Avenue Downtown Corridor
    • Stephen Avenue Mall
    • Barclay Mall

Detailed information is available on the BRZ website.