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Road Maintenance

There are five primary road maintenance programs delivered by the Roads Maintenance Division:

The division is further divided into five maintenance district regions for efficient and effective implementation of maintenance programs. See the District Map for details. 

Snow and Ice Control (SNIC)

  • Control snow and ice on roadways, bike lanes, sidewalks and stairways using a combination of sanding and salting, flat-blading, plowing, and snow removal in accordance with the Council-approved Snow and Ice Control Policy.
  • Includes providing winter maintenance services for Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall.

See the Snow and Ice Control pages for details.

Spring Clean-up street cleaning

  • Removal of sand, dirt, and debris from roadways, bike lanes, sidewalks and stairways in accordance with the Council-approved Street Sweeping Policy.
  • Includes a 24-hour emergency response program for removing debris from major expressways and other Right-of-Ways.
  • Includes providing summer maintenance services for Stephen Avenue Mall and Barclay Mall.

See the street cleaning pages for details.

Street repairs

  • Repairs to paved, gravelled, and oiled road surfaces; concrete and asphalt sidewalks, curbs and gutters; Right-of-Way and median fences, guard rails; bollards, tree-grates and sound attenuation and concrete barriers.
  • Repairs to road surfaces include fixing cracks, high/low manholes, potholes, sinkholes and responding to drainage issues, damage caused by evacuation/utility work, complaints of uneven surfaces, dust and damage at railway crossings (not LRT).

Pothole Repair

  • Repairing potholes along paved streets and backlanes.
  • Generally begins in April and continues throughout summer months, but crews can repair potholes in winter if there are warm, dry conditions.

See the Pothole Repair page for details.

Gravel Lane Repair

  • Gravel lane maintenance includes inspection of gravel lanes, grading to address potholes and drainage, adding or removing material as necessary, and applying calcium chloride/water mixture to assist in compaction of surface and to reduce dust.
  • Gravel lane repair includes severe drainage issues, excavation issues, gravel amounts, low/high manholes, severe potholes, and sinkholes.

See the Gravel Lane Repair page for details.

Boulevard maintenance

  • Mapping and maintenance of over 1,400 hectares of green space along major roadways that separate communities.
  • Boulevards within communities are maintained by the Parks business unit.
  • Respond to issues including damage caused to the landscaping, erosion, weeds, litter and gophers.

See the boulevard maintenance page for details.

Business Revitalization Zones

  • Maintains the City’s ten Business Revitalization Zones by replacing/repairing damaged structures such as benches, bike racks and trash receptacles.

Structures and bridges

The Structures and Bridges section is responsible for the inspection, maintenance, rehabilitation and asset management of all city owned bridges, retaining walls and timber stairways.
  • Bridges, retaining walls, stairs inspection and maintenance.
  • Construction consultation.
  • Project management.
  • Contract management.

See the bridge rehabilitation pages for more information.