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Sidewalk repair

From mid-March to mid-October, repairs are undertaken on the streets, curbs, gutters, lanes, and sidewalks of Calgary. Repairs are prioritized according to severity and safety implications. The repair work includes:

  • Repairing cracks and crumbling of sidewalks to eliminate places where pedestrians can trip (see the Local Improvements page for more information).
  • Repairing curbs and gutters to improve drainage.
  • Repairing sunken or heaving concrete on sidewalks.
  • Rehabilitation work on sidewalks that have previous undergone repairs.

If less than 50 per cent of a block’s sidewalk or curb is damaged, then concrete is used for repairs. Typical sidewalk or curb damage could include:

  • Cracking and crumbling
  • Trip edges
  • Tree root distortion

A concrete sidewalk or curb that is damaged for more than 50 per cent of a block will fall under Local Improvement. The sidewalk or curb will be made safe and be repaired by the following:

  • Grinding down tripping edges
  • Filling cracks with grout
  • Covering uneven surfaces with asphalt
  • Raising sunken sections with grout.

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