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Road salt management plan

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The City believes in using the right amount of salt or sanding product in the right place and at the right time.

  • When road surface temperatures are between 0 and -10 degrees Celsius, and the temperature is not expected to go any lower, salt is used to melt accumulated snow and ice.
  • When road surfaces are below -5 degrees Celsius, with a forecast of colder temperatures, a sanding chip mixture (3% salt, 97% fine gravel) is used.

All sanding trucks are equipped with automatic controls that spread a fixed amount of salt or sanding chip mixture depending on road conditions.


When snow is predicted, a calcium chloride, anti-icing solution is applied to designated roadways around the city. This environmentally-friendly compound helps prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the road during a snowfall.

​Before anti-icing application ​After anti-icing application


Frequently asked questions


Road salt FAQ

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