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Free salted gravel to help with ice on public sidewalks

Snow Bylaws Snow Angels

A sand and salt coated gravel mixture called “pickle” is available at no charge for use by the public on public sidewalks. The “pickle” mixture helps to breakdown built up snow and ice on your sidewalk so that the ice and snow can be fully removed down to the bare surface.

This is a free service The City offers to citizens. The material is located in sandboxes available at most Fire stations and Roads Maintenance District offices.

  • The free salted gravel is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Is not guaranteed to be available (depending on demand)
  • Please bring your own container to fill
  • In order to be fair, we ask that people only take one container-full of gravel per visit.
  • Contractors are not permitted to take free gravel for work-related efforts.

Sand and salt mixes are also available for purchase at retail stores and have a similar effect on icy sidewalks.

Sandbox locations