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Slope stability management policy and framework

The City of Calgary monitors and responds to all slope instabilities on City property. Calgary is built around a river valley and has several slopes that are considered unstable. The unstable slopes, as well as slopes that have been repaired, are monitored on an on-going basis.

If a slope is deemed to have a high likelihood of failure and will impact City infrastructure (pathways, walkways, roads, structures, etc.) it will be identified for repair. After public safety is secured, a geotechnical engineering consultant is hired by The City to investigate the cause of the slope failure and to recommend solutions for remediation.

Severe slope failures can be a threat to public safety. Addressing slope failures in a timely manner is key to mitigating potential property damage and safeguarding the public.

If the slope stability damage poses immediate danger call 911.

eService - Report a slope stability concern 

Guiding documents

Slope Stability Management Policy

The Slope Stability Management Policy is intended to provide guidance to City Administration and information to the public about how The City will assess slope stability risks to public safety, City infrastructure, City land or adjacent private land, then determine the most appropriate course of action. It is a short document that describes:

  • The background on slope issues.
  • The scope of slope safety.
  • The definitions of the policy.
  • The policy and procedure.

Slope Stability Management Framework

This document guides the assessment, evaluation, prioritization and mitigation of slope stability concerns. Some of the points covered in this document are:

  • Slope stability concerns on City land.
  • Slope stability concerns on private land.
  • Potential mitigation measures and triple bottom line (TBL) considerations.
  • Supporting policies and documents.