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Mobile Community Association signs

Mobile Community Association signs are temporary, portable signs, often with fluorescent lettering which are placed along the city’s roadways. The purpose of these signs is specifically for the promotion of Community Association events and meetings, and/or information about The City of Calgary’s services, operations and public safety.

These signs are only permitted for up to a maximum of fourteen days, and are subject to enforcement if found in violation of the Temporary Signs Bylaw.

How to apply

To request a permit, a Community Association must fill out the Community Sign Request Form and either:


This permit must be submitted by a Community Association.

A sign permit cannot be obtained if the following apply:

  • it obstructs a traffic control device
  • is lit or electrified
  • is a hazard or dangerous to vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • is inflatable
  • is within 30 metres of an intersection
  • is within two metres of a curb or edge of any road
  • is permanently affixed
  • is supported by string, rope, wire or metal stakes
  • has a Sign face larger than three square metres
  • is included on the prohibited roads list 

Please visit the Bylaws related to signage page for more information about signage bylaws.

Permit costs

There is no fee to submit an application for the community association signs permit.

Election Campaign signs

Election signs have certain exemptions from our Temporary Signs Bylaw. For information on these exemptions, please visit the election signs page.

Resource documents

Community Sign Request Form

Temporary Signs Bylaw 29M97