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Heliport and Low-level Flights

Heliport use

ALERT: Except for emergencies, the heliport cannot be used without prior permission from The City of Calgary.
A helicopter using the downtown heliport in Calgary will require prior permission from the City of Calgary. For requests or inquiries regarding the heliport, please email the Roadway Operations Group directly at and include details of the flight (arrival, departure and full contact information).

You will be contacted by that business unit within one business day.  

Fees for Helicopter Landing:

  • Landing Fee - $25 + GST
  • Parking Fee (30 minutes to 4 hours) - $50 + GST
  • Parking Fee (4 hours to 24 hours) - $100 + GST

The location of the heliport is north of the intersection at 1 Avenue S.W. and 7 Street S.W. Please be aware the heliport is only operational during daylight hours.

Aircraft low level flights within city of Calgary

Requests for low-level flights for any type of aircraft within Calgary city limits require a Letter of No Objection from The City. After receiving the letter, the applicant must then provide it to Transport Canada.

How to apply

Please email with the information below to acquire a Letter of No Objection:

  • Full contact information of applicant (name, phone number, address, email)
  • Organization (if applicable)
  • Date and time of proposed flight
  • Alternate date and time (in case of bad weather)
  • Purpose of proposed flight
  • Route of proposed flight
  • Elevation of proposed flight
  • Specifics of location
  • Aircraft type
  • Air speed
  • Any relevant flight details (e.g., 2 CF-18 Hornets at 500ft. AGL at 400KIAS)

Application deadlines

The letter will be processed within 10 business days, assuming all required information is provided and there are no conflicting issues or events.