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Pedicab / rickshaw permit


Pedicab in downtown Calgary
Pedicab in downtown Calgary
Companies operating cycle rickshaws (also known as pedicab or bike taxi) will require a pedicab/rickshaw permit to operate within The City of Calgary.

How to apply

There are two ways to request a Pedicab / Rickshaw permit application:

  1. Contact 311.
  2. Apply in person to the Permit Service Counter
    Roads Permit office location map
    2808 Spiller Rd S.E., South Tower, on the main floor, beside the reception desk.


The following regulations apply for the equipment requirements for the pedicab/rickshaw permit:

  • There must be a slow moving vehicles sign on the pedicab or rickshaw.
  • The driver of the pedicab / rickshaw must wear a safety vest.
  • Insurance is required in the amount of two million dollars ($2,000,000) naming The City of Calgary as additionally insured. No permit will be issued without insurance.

Permit costs

There is a $50 fee for this permit. Payment will not be collected until the permit is approved.