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Traffic safety programs

Looking for general information on traffic safety? The traffic tips page and traffic tips booklet can answer many of your traffic safety questions. For information on traffic safety programs and initiatives, please see Road safety week or Take it off the road.

In communities where speeding is a concern, a Speed Limit Observation and Warning System can make city roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ward traffic safety meetings

The City of Calgary and the Calgary Police Service (CPS) will be hosting community traffic safety meetings throughout the year.

The meetings will give citizens a place to voice their concerns and provide information to members of the CPS as well as The City’s Transportation department. The traffic safety sessions will also include education on how residents can help keep Calgary’s roads safe for all users.

Calgary safer mobility plan

The Calgary safer mobility plan is a five-year plan aimed at improving the safety of our transportation network. A key target identified in the plan is to achieve a 25 per cent reduction in the number of major injury and fatality collisions.


Temporary Traffic Calming Curbs

As part of a Pilot Project, The City is introducing temporary Traffic Calming Curbs (TC Curbs) at various locations with speeding, long crossing distances, poor yielding compliance, complex geometry, and increased risk of collision.

Community Speed Watch Program

The City of Calgary’s Community Speed Watch Program allows citizens to volunteer their time to increase awareness about speed in their communities. This education program is available to citizens in coordination with The City.

Pedestrian safety

From motorist and pedestrian tips to education programs created through trusted partnerships with Calgary Police Service, The Calgary Health Region and the Alberta Motor Association, the City has many programs designed to improve pedestrian safety.

School / Playground safety

School / Playground zone safety is everyone’s responsibility. Remember to exercise caution and obey posted speed limits to keep kids safe and protected as they make their way to and from school.

Safer Walk to School pilot program

The Safer Walk to School pilot program is a Ward 12 initiative that is expected to launch in coordination with the opening of the McKenzie Highlands middle school in McKenzie Town in 2017.

Construction zone safety

During the summer construction season, it’s important to be aware of construction zone safety in order to​ create a safe work environment for the crews repairing and maintaining city streets.

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