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Pedestrians at traffic signals

Pedestrian signal displays are used at traffic signals to enable pedestrians to cross the streets safely.

In Calgary, most intersections with a traffic signal have special signals for pedestrians that consist of: 

Walk light indication
Walk light indication
A walk symbol: A flashing white walking person symbol, which indicates it is safe to begin crossing the street.
Don't walk light indication
Don't walk light indication

A flashing don’t walk symbol: flashing red hand symbol, which indicates it is no longer safe to begin to cross the street. If you have started walking before the signal began to flash, you have enough time to cross the street.

A don't walk symbol: A solid red hand symbol, which indicates that you should not be in the crosswalk at this time.​


The walk time used varies by location, but is not calculated. It is intended only for pedestrians to start crossing the street.

Countdown timer for pedestrian traffic signals

Countdown timers are at intersections to help pedestrians know how long he/she has to finish crossing the street before the signal will change to don’t walk. Depending on if a pedestrian is present or how the traffic signal has been programmed, the countdown timer may time out long before the green traffic signal actually changes phases.

Pedestrian walk phase button

At many intersections, the walk phase parallel to the main direction of vehicle traffic will always activate regardless if a pedestrian has pushed the cross button. A pedestrian should take note of the push button message and push the button accordingly. At many intersections, pedestrians only need to push the cross button if he/she wants to cross the main street.​