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Street lights

Report Street Light OutagesReport Street Light Outages

24 hours a day, seven days a week using the new map based reporting application

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Report issues with street lights

Use the street light outage application to report street light outages. The application allows you to select a street light on a map to report lights out, lights flickering, and lights that are burning during the day.

Report damaged street lights

Use the online Service Request below to report broken or damaged street lights. This will include damage to the street light pole and base, the wires, the light fixture itself as well as the cabinet utility box.

eService - Report damaged streetlights 


There are almost 90,000 City-owned street lights in Calgary. The Traffic Operations division is responsible for the regular maintenance and repair of street lights that are out, damaged, flickering, or on during the day. The City has a maintenance contract with Enmax Power Services to investigate and handle these concerns

Enmax inspects reported problems within seven days, and repairs are typically done within 30 days. More complex issues such as short circuits or underground wire faults may take more than 30 days to address.

Street light types not handled by The City

Please note that the following street lights are not handled by The City.

  • Back alleys – contact Enmax
  • Deerfoot Tr or Stoney Tr North (16 Avenue N.W. to 17 Avenue S.E.) – contact Carmacks
  • Stoney Trail South (17 Avenue S.E. to Macleod Trail) – contact Chinook Operations.
  • Parks and Recreation areas


Check out the FAQ for commonly asked questions about The City street lighting program.