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Traffic signals


Traffic signals at a Calgary intersection
Traffic signals at a Calgary intersection
Traffic signals (also known as traffic lights and signal lights) are signalling devices positioned at road intersections and pedestrian crossings to guide competing flows of traffic.  

The green, amber and red lights at an intersection can increase the safety and efficiency of traffic travelling through an intersection.

Requesting new traffic signals

Please review the process to make a request for traffic signals, left turn arrows and pedestrian corridors in your area.

Reporting a traffic signal concern

To report concerns with traffic signals that are either damaged or require repair please fill out the online service request below:

Report a traffic or pedestrian light needing repair 

Specialized features at traffic signals

There are different types of features that may be added to traffic signals to handle different types of traffic patterns and situations.

Learn about some of the different features of traffic signals in Calgary:

Traffic signals FAQ

The traffic signals FAQ provides answers to common questions asked about traffic signals.