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9 Avenue S.E. Bridge Replacement Project


Project background

The 9 Avenue S.E. Bridge over the Elbow River connects downtown Calgary and the East Village to the communities of Inglewood and Ramsay. The bridge was built in 1909 to accommodate the new street car system, which utilized 9 Avenue S.E. Today, the bridge is used by vehicles and pedestrians and supports a high volume of traffic.

The bridge needs to be replaced because it has outlasted its original lifespan, has a reduced load carrying capacity and does not meet current design and engineering standards. Its deteriorated physical condition has led to increasing costs to repair and maintain it.

Project scope

The bridge will be replaced starting in 2019* with a new structure that will:

  • Meet current design, standards and guidelines
  • Improve flood resiliency - 1:100 year flood
  • Cycling and pedestrian pathway on the north and south side
  • Support transit improvements in the area
  • Be easier and less expensive to maintain for the next 100 years
  • Ensure a safe emergency route across the Elbow River
  • Incorporate an historical/commemorative component to recognize the old bridge design
  • Use appropriate detours to minimize user inconvenience during construction (access over the Elbow River will be maintained)
  • Road width to accommodate up to four lanes

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9th Ave Bridge rehab

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  • Feasibility study and conceptual design - Winter 2016
  • Preliminary design - Spring 2017
  • Detailed design - Winter 2017 - Fall 2018
  • Anticipated construction start - Winter 2019*
  • Anticipated opening date - Fall 2020

*Construction is very dependent on weather, site conditions and timing of other projects in the neighbourhood. Updates will be provided regularly, but dates may change.


$23 million


The City of Calgary will communicate with the public and impacted businesses during the design and construction of the project. This will include information sessions, updates to community associations, mail drops and other communication methods. The web page will be the primary source for updated information.

For more details on the engagement process, visit the project's engage page.


Bridge design

3 lane and 4 lane options
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9 Ave Bridge rendering 1
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9 Ave Bridge rendering 2
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9 Ave Bridge rendering 3
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