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Calgary Park 'n' Bike sites

Update: Park 'n' Bike sites 

Due to recent flooding in June, a number of pathways are damaged and may not be passable for some time. Some Park 'n' Bike sites are not recommended for use based on their access to damaged pathways. See below for an update on permanent Park 'n' Bike locations. You can also see bike parking options in the downtown area on the Downtown Bicycle Parking Map​. With downtown open and full access to Transit restored, the temporary park 'n' bike locations set up during the State of Local Emergency are being removed. For information on pathways impacted by the floods, go to the Pathways and Bikeways Map webpage.

  • There are 13 sites that are accessible to safe and connected on-street bike routes and pathways unaffected by the flood.
  • See the list below for which Park and Rides are not recommended for use because the pathways leading into downtown are not passable due to flooding.
  • People can park their cars at the sites and walk, bike or car pool. Each site is within 5km of downtown (20 min ride).
  • Two sites were provided by private land owners: SAIT and Mayland Heights Shopping Centre
  • There are signs onsite to identify the sites
  • The temporary sites will be reverted back to normal use when the downtown is fully open.
  • For information on pathways impacted by the floods, go to the Pathways and Bikeways Map webpage. 

Some permanent Park and Bike sites are impacted by the floods. Please see the individual sites below for their status.

Permanent Park 'n' Bike locations



  • Edworthy South (Open, but cyclists must cross the Edworthy pedestrian bridge and use the north Bow River pathway. The south pathway is closed due to flood damage)
  • Sandy Beach (Not recommended. Pathways to and from the site are closed due to  flooding damage. On-street routes are accessible)



All Park 'n' Bike site can also be found on the Pathways and Bikeways Map.

Avoid downtown parking fees, exercise regularly, bypass traffic congestion and discover Calgary's river pathways and bikeways. Seven Park 'n' Bike sites are located 5 to 8 kilometres from downtown Calgary. They feature direct access from major roads and great connections to river pathways. You can park or have someone drop you off with your bike at one of these great locations.

Park 'n' Bike sites are ideal for those who want a shorter, quieter route with few or no hills and for those who live far from downtown. Park 'n' Bike sites are great for walkers, cyclists, skaters, boarders, joggers and all other users all week long.

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Transportation staff welcomes comments or questions about city Park ‘n’ Bike sites.

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