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Cycling education programs

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The City of Calgary supports cycling as a sustainable transportation option and recommends that all recreational and commuter cyclists obtain proper education.

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Course guide for Calgary

Download the2016 Ride Safe quick guide to courses, camps and events for the entire family in Calgary.

Urban Cycling Skills and CAN-BIKE program

Urban Cycling Skills - Modeled after the rigorous CAN-BIKE courses, and taught by CAN-BIKE accredited instructors, this is a one-day urban cycling skills course will increase your comfort level and confidence when navigating all sorts of streets—from quiet residential avenues to the busiest streets of downtown Calgary. A 4–6 hour self-study package will be provided and must be completed prior to the one-day class. Locally, Bike Calgary delivers the Urban Cycling Skills course.

Cycling Canada’s CAN-BIKE program is a series of progression courses taught on all aspects of cycling, to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road. Nationally standardized curriculum and a rigorous instructor certification process ensures that participants will receive high quality education to improve their skills regardless of experience. Safer Cycling Calgary is exclusively focused on offering CAN-BIKE courses for all Calgarians.

Level 1: FUNdamentals of Cycling is an introductory course for those who have never ridden a bicycle. You will learn how to balance, start, stop and turn. 

Level 3: Core Cycling Skills for kids (age 9-15), families (adults with kids 9+) or adults (16+) is the most important course for most people. Cyclists will learn skills and build confidence to ride safely on residential streets. ​

Level 4: Advanced Cycling Skills, for cyclists 16 and up, is an advanced course in defensive cycling for commuters and recreational cyclists who want or need to ride on busier roads. This course is often a requirement for jobs that involve cycling.

Interested in learning more?

Watch cycling education videos about how motorists and cyclists can share the road.

Having the proper cycling equipment is essential for a safe ride.

Cycling tips for safe kids is aimed to help parents ensure their children ride safely.

There are different rules governing cyclists when on-street and when on pathways. For the safety and convenience of everyone, all groups should be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

There are many different reasons to consider All-season cycling, and many Calgarians continue to cycle during the winter.

Connect with cycling

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Transportation staff appreciates comments and request about cycling in Calgary. Your feedback helps us ensure we continue to meet the needs of city cyclists.

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