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Cycle Track Network

Top three things to know for the Cycle Tracks

  1. Public information sessions were held in mid-November for the 5 Street, 12 Avenue and 8 Avenue/9 Avenue cycle tracks. View the display boards from the sessions.
  2. The City is currently meeting with businesses and residents to finalize the cycle track designs. If you would like to speak to a City staff member regarding cycle tracks please make a 311 request. You can also sign up to receive project updates.
  3. Data counts will be available for each of the cycle track routes in summer 2015. Daily bicycle counts are now available for the Peace Bridge, Stephen Avenue and 7 Street Cycle Track.

Cycle Track Pilot Project

The cycle track network will be built to include new routes on

  • 5 Street (from 3 Avenue S.W. to 17 Avenue S.W.)
  • 12 Avenue (from 11 Street S.W. to 4 Street S.E.)
  • 8 Avenue / 9 Avenue (from 11 Street S.W. to 3 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail to 4 Street S.E.)
  • Stephen Avenue (from 3 Street S.W. to 1 Street S.E.). As part of the pilot, bicycling will be allowed during off-peak times although no physical track will be built.

The first phase of construction will begin this fall with modifications to traffic signals. Final construction will begin in Spring 2015, with the new cycle tracks scheduled to open in July 2015.

What’s a Cycle Track?

A cycle track is a bike lane protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, parked cars and sidewalks. It provides a predictable space and minimizes potential conflicts between people who walk, bicycle, and drive.

With Calgary’s growing population, it is important to provide more travel choices in and out of downtown. Creating dedicated spaces for people to cycle will increase transportation choices for all Calgarians. With over 11,000 bicycle trips in and out of the downtown core per day, The City has seen a 122% increase in Calgarians arriving by bicycle since 1996.

Track design

New cycle tracks will be designed to include:

  • Separated bicycle lanes for cyclists
  • Travel lanes to keep vehicle traffic flowing
  • Signage to direct cyclists and motorists
  • Modifications to traffic signals to keep traffic flowing and improve safety for all road users
  • More bicycle parking
  • Maximum on-street parking where possible

Project history

To provide Calgarians with more transportation choices in Calgary’s downtown, Council approved the Centre City Cycle Track Network pilot project in April 2014. The Centre City Cycle Track Network fulfills the July 2011 Council motion to, “determine through engaging with the Cycle Community, an updated East-West-North-South separated Cycle Route Network through the Centre City, as part of the implementation plan for the Cycling Strategy.” It is also supported by the Council-approved Calgary Transportation Plan and Cycle Strategy.

Extensive engagement took place from spring 2013 to spring 2014 prior to Council approval of the pilot project to select the routes. Open houses, information sessions, and public events allowed Calgarians to share their ideas, concerns, and expectations for the new cycle track routes.

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