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Cycle Track Network

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Top cycle track travel tips

The new cycle tracks will soon be open for use. While some of the tracks may look like they are almost ready, they are still active construction sites. For your own safety, please stay out of the cycle tracks until the barricades are removed and the tracks are officially open.

Once the barricades have been removed and the tracks are open, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Watch for new signs and signals at intersections along the new cycle track routes.
    • When cycling, wait for the green bicycle signal before you go.
    • When driving and preparing to turn across a cycle track look for traffic in both directions and yield to approaching bicycles.
    • When walking, be sure to look both ways before you cross a cycle track and follow the pedestrian signals.
    • Higher traffic intersections will have separate signals for both motorists and cyclists.
  • Take extra care at intersections, alleys and entrances to parkades, as vehicles turn across areas where people will be riding bicycles.
    • Some crossings may have dashed green paint on the roadway as a reminder that both cars and bicycles should take extra precautions when driving across or riding through these crossings.

  • New bicycle turn boxes have been added at some intersections along the cycle track routes to help people cycling make a safe left or right turn. They are painted bright green to help make them visible.
    • When cycling, use the bike turn box to reposition your bike in the direction you plan to travel. 
    • When driving, please stay behind the stop line and do not sit in the bike turn box area when stopped.

  • New multi-use crossings for people walking and cycling have been added at key intersections along the route. A multi-use crossing is like a cross-walk, but it is shared by people on bikes and on foot.
    • When cycling, please ride slowly and with care. Use the pedestrian walk signal. 
    • When driving, motorists should yield the right-of-way to people walking and cycling. Watch for this warning sign to let you know you are approaching a multi-use crossing.
    • When walking, cross like you normally would and watch for turning vehicles even if you have a walk signal.

  • Parking, loading zones, bus stops and handicap access changes are being made along the cycle track routes, so please watch for signs noting where changes have been made
  • At the east end of 12 Avenue the cycle track will detour around construction to 3 Street S.E., cyclists should watch for signage along the route. 

Top things to know about the Cycle Tracks Pilot Project

One-Way on Two-Way Street - Example of 8 Avenue S.W.


Two-Way on One-Way Street - Example of 12 Avenue S


Two-Way on One-Way Street - Example of 5 Street S.W.
  • In May 2015, The City will launch a new Education Program for people who walk, ride a bike or drive in the Centre City.
  • Data counts will be available for each of the cycle track routes in summer 2015. Daily bicycle counts are now available for the Peace Bridge, Stephen Avenue and 7 Street Cycle Track.

Construction updates

Cycle track construction will begin in April 2015, with line and intersection work followed by installing the temporary barriers later in the spring. All construction work is weather dependant. New cycle track routes are still active constructions sites, and we’re asking cyclists to stay off the tracks until construction is completed. The network will be open at the end of June 2015.

Line painting along 12 Avenue S, 5 Street S.W., 8 Avenue S.W. and 9 Avenue S.E. is now complete.

The installation of barriers along 8 Avenue S.W. will begin the week of May 18, 2015. The barriers continue to be installed along 5 Street S.W. The installation of barriers is complete along 12 Avenue S and 9 Avenue S.E.

Once the barriers have been installed, green paint will be applied on the cycle tracks in locations where road users need to be aware of potential conflicts.

On 9 Avenue S.E. the Calgary Parking Authority sign located outside of the Civic Parkade has been removed. The island it was installed on is being replaced with a smaller island to accommodate the 9 Avenue S.E. cycle track at this location. Construction of the smaller island is expected to begin the week of May 18, 2015.

Parking will once again be permitted on the south side of 12 Avenue between 11 St. S.W. and 4 St. S.E. by Friday, May 22.

Information on the new parking restrictions along the cycle track routes can be found in the final route designs posted above.

Education Program

The City will launch an education program that includes a team of trained Bicycle Ambassadors that will be riding the Centre City Cycle Network during the summer. They will be able to offer help and guidance to people travelling along the cycle track routes and shared space on Stephen Avenue and Olympic Plaza.

The education program will include on-street temporary signage to help people adjust to new traffic patterns and rules, as well as a printed and digital how-to-guide that provides key tips on how to share travel spaces safely and effectively.

There will also be up-to-date information online, top tips provided on social media and visits by the Bicycle Ambassadors to festivals, libraries, offices and businesses to share information with people who live and work in the Centre City.

The program gets underway in late May 2015.

Creating more travel choices in the City Centre

The pilot project will include new cycling routes on:

  • 5 Street (on the east side from 3 Ave. S.W. to 17 Ave. S.W.)
  • 12 Avenue (on the north side from 11 St. S.W. to 4 St. S.E.)
  • 8 Avenue / 9 Avenue (on the north and south sides from 11 St. S.W. to 3 St. S.W. and Macleod Trail to 4 St. S.E.)

Additionally, cycling will be allowed on Stephen Avenue (from 3 St. S.W. to 1 St. S.E.) and Olympic Plaza although no physical track will be built.

What’s a Cycle Track?

A cycle track is a bike lane protected by a physical barrier from moving cars, parked cars and sidewalks. It provides a predictable space and minimizes potential conflicts between people who walk, bicycle, and drive.

With Calgary’s growing population, it is important to provide more travel choices in and out of downtown. Creating dedicated spaces for people to cycle will increase transportation choices for all Calgarians. With over 11,000 bicycle trips in and out of the downtown core per day, The City has seen a 122% increase in Calgarians arriving by bicycle since 1996.

New cycle tracks will be designed to include:

  • Separated bicycle lanes for cyclists
  • Travel lanes to keep vehicle traffic flowing
  • Signage to direct cyclists and motorists
  • Modifications to traffic signals to keep traffic flowing and improve safety for all road users
  • More bicycle parking
  • Maximum on-street parking where possible

Project history

To provide Calgarians with more transportation choices in Calgary’s downtown, Council approved the Centre City Cycle Track Network pilot project in April 2014. The Centre City Cycle Track Network fulfills the July 2011 Council motion to, “determine through engaging with the Cycle Community, an updated East-West-North-South separated Cycle Route Network through the Centre City, as part of the implementation plan for the Cycling Strategy.” It is also supported by the Council-approved Calgary Transportation Plan and Cycle Strategy.

Extensive engagement took place from spring 2013 to spring 2014 prior to Council approval of the pilot project to select the routes. Open houses, information sessions, and public events allowed Calgarians to share their ideas, concerns, and expectations for the new cycle track routes.

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