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Snow Clearing on Bikeways

The City of Calgary, under the Council-approved Snow and Ice Control Policy has a Seven Day Plan for snow plowing, followed by snow removal on Day 8 for bike lanes.

City policy classifies all marked on-street bicycle lanes (with the exception of the downtown cycle track network) as Priority 2, which means they are to be plowed, sanded and salted within 48 hours after the snow has stopped falling.

On Priority 1 routes, the driving lanes are to be plowed, sanded and salted 24 hours after the snow has stopped. When a plow clears a Priority 1 street, it will complete at least one pass to clear the driving lane (where some snow may be pushed into the bicycle lane) and crews will return to clear the bicycle lane within 48 hours after snow has stopped.

Where to store the snow

Please clear and store snow in front of your business or property at the edge of the sidewalk, between the treeline/light pole and the curb. The gutter pan (the space between the bike lane and the curb), is meant to provide some space for snow storage if needed, as long as the snow does not block storm drains.

When there is heavy snowfall, windrows (piles of snow) may form and encroach into the bike lane. Once City crews finish clearing the roads, they will evaluate the snow storage areas and remove the windrows as required and as resources are available. Please contact 311 to log and track specific concerns.

Snow buildup

Each snow event triggers The City’s Seven Day Plan, for sanding, salting and/or plowing Priority 1 and 2 routes. If multiple snow events occur before the plan is complete, the Seven Day Plan is restarted regardless of what day City crews are on. A restart of the Seven Day Plan would result in further snow being pushed into the gutter pan, even in locations with limited to no snow storage capacity remaining.

For more information about The City’s policies and procedures for snow and ice control visit