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Snow Clearing on Bikeways

The City's Snow and Ice Control Policy classifies all marked on-street bicycle lanes as Priority 2, which means they are plowed, sanded and salted within 48 hours after a snowfall ends. The downtown cycle tracks are Priority 1, so they’re cleared within 24 hours once it stops snowing.

Storing shoveled snow

Property owners responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to a bike lane or cycle track are asked to pile snow at the edge of the sidewalk, between the curb and tree line or light post. The gutter pan – the space between a bike lane and sidewalk curb – provides additional space for storing shoveled snow. Keep storm drains clear to avoid drainage issues when the snow melts.

When we have heavy or repeated snowfalls, windrows (piles of snow left behind by a snowplow) may cover part or all of a bike lane. City crews will evaluate the impact and return to remove windrows as time and manpower allows. Please contact 311 to report concerns.

Report roadway concern​​

For more information about The City’s policies and procedures for snow and ice control visit