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Cycling and walking route maps

Pathway and bikeway map

To find cycling and walking routes, download the Calgary pathways and bikeways map or view the new beta version of the interactive pathways and bikeways map.

Downtown cycle track network map

City attraction waking and cycling maps

The maps below will help you to cycle or walk to your favourite Calgary attractions. Each map starts from the city centre and features an enjoyable route to one of 10 city destinations. Step by step instructions will guide you as you go. Information about the destination and some highlights are included with each map.

0 – 5 km

5 – 10 km

10+ km

City park walking and cycling maps

Connect with cycling

Transportation staff appreciates feedback, comments and request about cycling in Calgary. Your feedback helps us ensure we continue to meet the needs of city cyclists.

Cycling feedback


Take a map on the go! The City of Calgary Pathways and Bikeways iPhone App is free and available to download at the App Store. An Android version is being developed and will be available soon.

Download the Pathways and Bikeways App


Join our online Facebook community for cycling tips, bike maps, info and news by pressing ‘Like’ on the City of Calgary Bicycle Program page.