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Current Scenario Series

One of Forecasting's primary tasks is periodically developing a series of future scenarios. Economic and demographic forecasts, future population and jobs distributions, and future pedestrian, bike, transit, commercial vehicle and road networks are required for the City and the Region for each time horizon included in the series. 

The best available information on City and Region approvals, expected funding levels, and guiding policies are used in developing the various inputs. Participants in scenario series development include other divisions in the City, the Calgary Regional Partnership members and the Province of Alberta. This scenario series, updated in January 2015, includes the latest South West Ring Road alignment and becomes a baseline against which alternatives analysis can be performed for future individual projects.

The most current scenario series was developed based on the plan|it|calgary project (which resulted in the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan) and the Calgary Metropolitan Plan. Please see the Forecasting Toolbox for the land use and infrastructure assumptions that make up the scenario series. 

Scenario Series results

The plan|it/CMP Scenario Series Long Range Scenario is available for application to projects. The Series will contain the horizon years 2006 (base year), 2019, 2029, 2039, and 2076. A report has been prepared which present city-wide performance statistics and results. Highlights of that report are here:

The complete version of the report is here: