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25 Avenue S.E. LRT Grade Separation Study

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Project update - July 2017

Phase Two: Concept Evaluation is currently underway. The project team is reviewing public input and conducting further technical analysis of all concepts presented in phase two of engagement. To view the What We Heard Report from phase two please visit the engagement page.

Project overview

The City of Calgary is conducting a functional planning study of 25 Avenue S.E. and the Red Line LRT tracks crossing. This study will develop a recommended grade separation plan for the Red Line LRT tracks and 25 Avenue S.E. It will also identify short-term improvements in the study area. The final recommended plan will improve travel through this area for people driving, walking, cycling and taking transit.

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The Red Line LRT tracks cross over 25 Avenue S.E. at-grade (street level) east of Macleod Trail. As a result, the traffic signals at this intersection are often interrupted by trains travelling to and from the Erlton LRT station. Grade separation of the LRT tracks will eliminate delays to the traffic signals due to the LRT.

Short-term improvements that can be made with little or no construction may be funded through existing City programs. Currently no funding is available for the construction of the final plan.

History of the Study Area

In 2009, Council approved the 25 Avenue S.E. Connector Recommended Plan. The project encompassed 25 Avenue S.E. from Macleod Trail to Blackfoot Trail. The recommended plan determined future upgrades to the area. It also determined the lands that would be required for the future upgrades.

In 2015, Council directed Administration to look at alternatives to an interchange at this location. The recommended interchange design did not align with the roles of the transportation facilities in the area as identified in the Calgary Transportation Plan. The 25 Avenue LRT Grade Separation Feasibility Study was undertaken in 2016. It determined that it is possible to grade separate the Red Line LRT tracks and 25 Avenue S.E.

Current status

There are three phases in this study. We are currently in Phase 2: Concept Evaluation. This phase includes the creation and evaluation of design options and the second phase of engagement. More information about the engagement process will be posted on the project’s engagement page.

Engagement process

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For more information on the engagement process and upcoming engagement opportunities please visit the project engagement webpage.

How can I participate in the study?

You can participate in a number of different ways:

  • Please sign up for email newsletters to get updates on the study and upcoming engagement opportunities.
  • Information about engagement opportunities will be posted on the project engagement page.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the study?

For more information about the study please contact 311.