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McKnight Boulevard Transportation Study

Transportation Planning is conducting a study for McKnight Boulevard from Deerfoot Trail to Stoney Trail (see map of study area). Since November 2013, the project team has worked collaboratively with citizens to identify opportunities for traffic optimization, and to determine the feasibility of adding High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in the study area.

Study update

In January 2015, The City held an online information session to share the Phase 1 (Optimization) and Phase 2 (HOV lanes) recommendations. The final step in the project, Phase 3, was to review the 12 Street N.E. interchange design previously approved in 1977 to see if the plan was still valid, given the changes to the road network and traffic volumes in the 35+ years since it was prepared.

Changes to Phase 1 (Optimization) Recommendation

Option C (Right-In/Right-Out East of 12 Street N.E.) was the highest rated option for the 12 Street N.E. intersection because it achieved the operational improvements needed at the intersection and was consistent with the longer-term interchange plan. Due to land impacts and costs, Option C was considered more of a medium-term improvement, particularly considering the planned McKnight Boulevard Widening project.

The design presented for Option C has been refined since the January 2015 online information session to reflect the following feedback from stakeholders:

  • The Calgary International Airport, who owns the land north of McKnight Boulevard, had concerns with the ramp locations on the north side of McKnight Boulevard because they restricted access to Aviation Crossing and required the westbound right-turn at McKnight Boulevard and 12 Street N.E intersection be removed.
  • The McKnight Boulevard widening project requires a dry pond to temporarily retain stormwater on the north side of McKnight Boulevard.

The ramps on the north side of McKnight Boulevard were relocated approximately 280m to the west (to the location of the existing 15 Street N.E. ramps) to address these needs. 

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McKnight Boulevard / 12 Street N.E. 1977 Interchange Functional Plan Review

As part of the study, The City conducted a traffic analysis to see if the recommended medium-term option for 12 Street N.E. would eliminate the need for a future interchange. The project team concluded the interchange would still be needed in the longer-term and reviewed the 1977 plan.

The review indicated the interchange concept is still expected to operate adequately, and the project team was able to make a few changes to the alignment to reduce the amount of land required and access impacts.

There is currently no funding allocated to construct an interchange at this location.


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Study recommendations

Please see the slide below for an overview of the study recommendations and how public input was used throughout the study.

  • Phase 1 (Optimization): Please review the slides below for details about the recommendations for 12 Street N.E., 19 Street N.E. and Barlow Trail.
  • Phase 2 (HOV lanes): HOV lanes are not recommended at this time based on public input and technical considerations.
  • Phase 3 (Interchange Functional Plan): the 1977 approved interchange concept has been modified to reduce property and access impacts.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

Download the slides to zoom in to detailed plans or to print.

Public Engagement: Collaborating with Stakeholders

In addition to public open houses, the project team worked collaboratively with an Advisory Group throughout the study process. Twenty people volunteered to be on the Advisory Group to represent perspectives from those who live in adjacent communities, businesses and road users (including motorists, cyclists and pedestrians). Review the slides above for more information about the public engagement process.

Next steps

The project team has completed Phase 3 and confirmed the approved long-term interchange design for 12 Street N.E. The project team is now working to prepare a report to City Council on the study’s recommendations.

McKnight Boulevard Widening Project

Throughout the McKnight Boulevard Transportation Study, the project team has informed study participants of the widening project expected in 2015. The study presented design options that are consistent with the widening project to ensure the road design is optimized as much as possible to meet the current and future needs of this important transportation corridor. The McKnight Boulevard Widening project will begin construction in 2015.

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