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Carshare Parking Policy

The Carshare Parking Policy aims to help improve carshare parking in Calgary, allowing fair access for not only carshare users but all users in commercial areas (like the downtown) and residential areas. It provides guidance and clarity for carshare companies, carshare users and Calgarians. The policy is contained in section 5.1.6 of A Parking Policy Framework for Calgary, which contains Council's policies for parking in Calgary.

What is Carsharing?

Carsharing is a service offered by private companies, where members:

  • can rent cars for short periods of time (even just a few minutes),
  • access cars using a self-service format, without needing to fill out forms at a rental company office, and
  • have insurance, and sometimes fuel, included in the rental cost.
This includes companies like car2go who offers carshare services in Calgary today.

Policy Purpose

Carsharing supports the goals of the Calgary Transportation Plan by providing an affordable, convenient and energy-efficient alternative to owning a private vehicle. However, many carshare vehicles are stored on public streets when they are not being used. The popularity of carsharing in Calgary means that the number of carshare vehicles in Calgary continues to grow, using up valuable parking space on some city streets. 

In order to ensure that all citizens, including carshare users, have fair access to street parking, The City has created a new Carshare Parking Policy. Approved by Council on March 30, 2015, the policy includes rules on where carshare vehicles can park in commercial areas (like the downtown) and residential areas, how carshare companies can request dedicated on-street parking spaces for some of their vehicles, as well as parking and enforcement costs.

Public Engagement and Research

On behalf of The City, Ipsos Reid recently completed a telephone survey of 800 Calgarians to help guide the creation of the policy. Ipsos also interviewed representatives from several Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) to understand the benefits and challenges of carsharing for businesses.