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Goods Movement Strategy

Goods movement is about how the products that we consume and manufacture reach their destinations. This includes their journeys to, from and within Calgary.

Every day food, clothing, building materials, and electronics are delivered to restaurants, stores, warehouses and homes across Calgary. Local manufacturers ship products to customers around the world as well.

The movement of goods throughout Calgary is important to the wellbeing of our economy. An effective and efficient transportation network, with optimized traffic flow, will further increase the reliability of products arriving to their destination on time.

Why do we need a Goods Movement Strategy?

Calgary is connected to local, national and international markets in several ways. Major railways, interprovincial and international highways and a large international airport help products travel to businesses in Calgary and all over the world. The Goods Movement Strategy will help us determine what transportation infrastructure improvements need to be made to help Calgary thrive over the next 30 years.

It will also help The City support the goods movement industry and Calgarians through continued improvements to our transportation network. These improvements will help us continue to efficiently move goods to markets in Calgary and beyond.

What will it include?

The strategy will result in a list of actions and transportation infrastructure investments that consider the social and economic impacts on our communities. These will help support the economic development and quality of life in Calgary over the next 30 years.

The Goods Movement Strategy will also update and consolidate existing polices and add new ones where appropriate.


In 2017 we will be working with industry stakeholders to identify what currently affects goods movement in Calgary. We will also ask them for suggestions on how to improve the efficiency of goods movement around Calgary. This will help us create the Goods Movement Strategy framework. Once we have a draft framework we will share it with Calgarians for feedback.

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