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Parking Revenue Allocation Policy

As part of the objectives of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan, it is important for The City to support the creation of vibrant, transit-supportive mixed-use activity centres and corridors. Successful areas typically attract a large variety of visitors, including people who drive and park their cars, which can result in parking congestion. As a result, it is necessary to use on-street parking charges to manage the parking supply in the area. This keeps parking spaces available, manages overall demand and encourages people to use other travel options when parking supply is not sufficient.

Parking costs can create a negative perception for potential visitors and customers to the area, where the cost or limited supply of parking prevents people from visiting. By putting some of the money earned from parking back in the business and community areas for local improvements, these areas can increase the quality of the public realm. This would support visitors who use other travel options, provide small scale parking enhancements where possible and help keep these destinations attractive and vibrant.

What’s Happening?

The City conducted a targeted survey exercise over February 2016 with Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) and Community Associations (CAs) in areas where on-street parking charges are currently in place. Five funding models  were presented, with the opportunity to provide feedback on these options or identify additional potential options.

Based on the feedback received, The City is proposing a recommended model based on Option A that has been modified to incorporate feedback from the survey process.

Highlights include:

  • Revenue will be allocated to areas based on a percent of how much revenue will be made in each area.
  • Revenues are based on the sale of parking for all parking types (on-street, surface and parkades) in the revenue area.
  • A wide variety of mobility and public realm improvements are eligible for reinvestment.
  • 100% of the first $100,000 and 25% of subsequent amounts will be made available to each area.
  • Money can be accrued to allow for larger projects.
  • Money will remain on The City side to reduce accounting and reporting burdens.
  • BRZs and CAs are eligible parties to direct funding requests.


June 2016

Council approved a deferral of the report pending refinement of the management and auditing processes related to the funding to be reinvested in each area. The revised model will be shared with the public in July.

Sept 2016

Recommended model presented to the SPC on Transportation & Transit for approval.