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Parking Revenue Allocation Policy

In 2017 February, Council approved the Parking Revenue Allocation Policy, contained in section 5.3 of A Parking Policy Framework for Calgary. The objective of the policy is to fund infrastructure and service improvements in paid parking areas in order to increase business activity.

As part of the objectives of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan, it is important for The City to support the creation of vibrant, transit-supportive mixed-use activity centres and corridors. Successful areas typically attract a large variety of visitors, including people who drive and park their cars, which can result in parking congestion. As a result, it is necessary to use on-street parking charges to manage the parking supply in the area. This keeps parking spaces available, manages overall demand and encourages people to use other travel options when parking supply is not sufficient.

Parking costs can create a negative perception for potential visitors and customers to the area, where the cost or limited supply of parking prevents people from visiting. By putting some of the money earned from parking back in the business and community areas for local improvements, these areas can increase the quality of the public realm. This would support visitors who use other travel options, provide small scale parking enhancements where possible and help keep these destinations attractive and vibrant.

How is the allocation amount calculated?

The allocation amount is determined by calculating the total amount of net parking revenue returned to The City from the Calgary Parking Authority from the sale of parking. This amount is compared relative to the budgeted amount set by The City in Action Plan 2015-2018. 50% of any surplus proceeds are made available for reinvestment in paid parking areas.  The money is then shared proportionally with each business area relative to their geographic share of gross parking revenues. This money can be used for infrastructure and service improvements in paid parking areas.

For 2016, a surplus amount of $1.688 million was realized. 2016 area amounts can be found here.

The City is currently working with Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) to determine priority projects using the 2016 funds. A list of these initiatives will be posted in 2017 May.


Who can apply for using the funds?

The City works directly with BIAs to determine the priority for each area. While the priorities are significantly guided by BIA direction, The City retains the funds and coordinates the necessary work to be done.

Paid parking revenues outside of BIA areas are pooled and the uses determined by The City. The City will consult with communities where any improvements are proposed in a given year.

If there is a surplus from parking, does this not mean The City should charge less for parking?

Parking prices are determined by area supply and demand, as set out in section 5.1.2 in A Parking Policy Framework for Calgary. There is no revenue target for parking prices, and it is possible there could be no surplus in a given year.

Further questions about the program can be directed to 311.