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Environmental assessment information

Find environmental information for a property

Looking for a starting point for collecting and investigating the environmental state of a property? The EnviroSite report is a compilation of known information from The City of Calgary Environmental & Safety Management business unit.

This report includes the following:

  • Historic site use information
  • The title, author and date for existing reports
  • Number of historical petroleum storage tanks
  • MapView with over 20 property features including landfill data (within 100 metres of the property)

Learn more about the EnviroSite report.

Find aerial photos of Calgary properties

You can also purchase oblique aerial photography of Calgary residential, commercial, industrial and historic properties. There are two options for obtaining aerial photos:

Provides oblique photography of a property and its geographical surrounding (about five city blocks by five city blocks long). NeighbourhoodView provides up to five views taken from a low-flying aircraft. To learn more, visit NeighbourhoodView.

Delivers oblique photography of a property. PropertyView includes three to five unobstructed aerial views of land and structures for a specific address. To learn more, visit PropertyView.