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Construction and demolition waste

All three City landfills accept clean, separate loads of certain recyclable materials at a reduced rate of $80 per tonne.

Construction and demolition recycling materials

Recyclable wood - Dimensional lumber, pallets, and other items that are made of raw and unprocessed wood. Please note: Commercial loads of sawdust are not accepted at City landfills.

Drywall - Gympsum wallboard that has less than 2% by weight of garbage, wood, metal and other contaminants.

Asphalt shingles - Free of tar paper, vents, etc.

Cardboard (as capacity allows)

Special instructions

All loads must be seperated and free of garbage. Cardboard must be broken down and fit inside the bin deposit slots provided. Third-party companies collect and recycle the materials.

These materials are also on the Designated Materials List and all of them are readily recyclable. Landfill staff inspect commercial vehicle loads of garbage and any that contain designated materials are subject to a higher rate to encourage recycling instead.


Do you have large quantities of cardboard to recycle?

Large quantities of cardboard can be collected separately at your site and taken to private recycling processors in Calgary. For more information, check with your hauler.
Can I take these materials anywhere else to recycle?
Yes, there are many private recyclers that can accept these materials for recycling. See our Business Waste resources for more options.
Stakeholder engagement
Waste & Recycling Services has been working with industry stakeholders to get feedback on potential strategies for increasing diversion in this sector. For more information, visit the Construction and Demolition Waste Stakeholder Engagement page.