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Waste diversion for businesses and organizations

Between now and 2020, we're making changes to the way businesses and organizations handle their waste. A series of rate and bylaw changes will require recycling and diversion of food and yard waste from landfills. Here's a snapshot of what's happening in 2016.

Whether you're a business that produces waste, a waste hauler, or a waste processor, we have details about these changes and other upcoming changes. To help with the transition, we also offer support tools and information.

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ICI Businesses and Organizations
For businesses and organizations
If you're a retail business, company or organization, find out how to prepare for the upcoming changes.
Recycling Bylaw Requirements for Businesses and Organizations
Recycling bylaw requirements
Find out all the details about the new City of Calgary bylaw amendments requiring recycling.
Waste Haulers and Removers
For waste haulers and removers
If you're a trash remover, junk hauler or disposal bin rental company, learn more about what the changes mean for your business.
Waste Diversion Tools and Resources for Businesses and Organizations
Tools and resources
Find support information, upcoming presentations, best practices and coaching services to help you comply with the changes.
Waste Processors Recyclers
For waste processors and recyclers
If you're a company that manages waste streams or materials recovery, see how the changes will impact you.
ICI Strategy Background and Details on Future Planned Changes
Future changes
Learn more about the overall waste diversion strategy aimed at businesses and organizations and when City of Calgary initiatives will take effect.