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Cart placement tips

The City of Calgary uses collection trucks with mechanical arms to pick up blue and black carts. The mechanical arms need space to reach, grab and lift the carts. To make sure your carts are collected quickly and safely, they need to be properly placed.

How do I set out my garbage and recycling?

  1. Garbage can either be bagged or loose in your black cart.
    Recyclables must be put loose inside your blue cart. See preparing your cart for tips.
  2. Set out black and blue carts by 7 a.m. on your collection day and no earlier than 7 p.m. the evening before.
  3. Point arrows on the lid toward centre of road or lane.
  4. Leave enough space to walk between and around your carts so there's enough room for the automated arms on the trucks to work safely.
  5. Pull your empty carts back in by 7 p.m.

Video: Tips for placing your blue and black cart

Follow these quick steps to get ready for collection day

Fill it. Put garbage in your black cart and recyclables loose inside your blue cart.The only exceptions are bundling plastic bags together in one plastic bag and placing shredded paper inside a clear plastic bags.

Make sure the materials in your carts is not packed too tightly and can easily come out when the truck picks it up.

Place your garbage (including yard waste) in the black cart. You must use your black cart to have your garbage collected. Always completely fill your cart before setting out extra bags of garbage. Your black cart is considered full when another garbage bag will not easily fit inside.

Park it where the collection trucks can access it.

Place wheels against front curb or at least a 30 cm (1 ft) distance from your back hedge or fence. If you can open the lid without hitting any obstructions, you've left enough space behind it.

Park it on flat ground at road level and make sure you are not blocking traffic.

Please note: Where you place your cart may change during snow route parking bans or spring street cleaning.

Point the arrows on the lid toward centre of road or lane.

Space it. Leave enough space between carts and other objects.

Leave enough space to walk between your black and blue carts.

There should be at least three metres (10 ft.) of space above your carts.

Please ensure your carts are at least 1 m (3 ft.) from obstacles on either side, such as parked cars, power poles, utility boxes, fences, downspouts and garages.

Garbage that does not fit in your black cart can be put in garbage bags and set at least 30 cm (1 ft.) away from your black cart.


Store it on your property

Pull your empty garbage bin and recycling bin back on to your property or against your fence by 7 p.m. on your collection day.

You are responsible for taking care of your cart and keeping it clean.