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Black Cart garbage collection


Customer service

When is your garbage day?
View our collection schedule.

Missed pick up?
Report a missed collection.

Need a cart for a new home?
Please complete an online service request or contact 311.

Missing or damaged cart?
If your cart is missing or damaged please contact 311.

We provide black cart garbage collection to single family homes in Calgary. Simply place your garbage in the cart to have your waste collected.

What goes in my black cart?

Use your black bin for things that are at the end of their useful life and cannot be recycled or composted:

Not sure where to put an item? See What Goes Where.

When is garbage pickup?

Black carts are picked up once every two weeks on a seperate day than your blue and green carts. View your garbage day schedule.

How do I use my black cart?

Please set our your cart by 7 a.m. on your collection day. See how to place your cart.

If your cart is full, you can set extra bags one foot to the side of your cart for collection. See how to prepare your garbage for pickup.

Who receives a black cart?

We provide black carts to single family homes up to and including four units, as long as they are not part of a multi-unit complex, such as an apartment or condominium.

Black cart size: The black cart is 103 cm high, 68 cm wide and 71 cm deep. Carts may vary in size due to changes in manufacturer and supply. The black cart can hold 60kg of material.

How much is the Black Cart Collection Fee?

Homes with black cart service see the waste management service charge on their ENMAX bill.

This charge covers the cost of managing residential garbage at City of Calgary landfills. It does not cover the cost of pick-up, which is supported by property taxes.

Monthly Rate 2015-2018
Waste Management Service Charge ($ per 30 days) $4.90

Other collection and recycling options

We provide weekly collection for Blue Cart Recycling and Green Cart Food and Yard Waste.

Calgarians can also recycle at community recycling depots across the city. We also support electronics recycling, tire recycling and household hazardous waste drop-off.​​​​​

What's in Calgary's garbage?

In 2014, we conducted a study to see what Calgary households were throwing away in their black carts. Learn more about What's in Calgary's Garbage.