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Garbage collection information

The black cart is the standard method for garbage pickup in Calgary, and residents must use their garbage bins to have their waste collected. Each week, garbage day comes for 300,000 Calgary homes using garbage collection trucks equipped with mechanical arms to collect trash.

For regular garbage collection, follow these steps:

Garbage and recycling day schedule
First you will need to find out your garbage collection schedule.
Prepare your garbage for pickup
Learn what you can and cannot put into the black cart.
Cart placement tips
Learn how to properly place your carts for pickup in a way that is both efficient and safe.

Missed collection day pickup

To report your missed collection and/or see some common reasons why we might have missed your collection day pickup, visit missed collection day pickup.

Need a new cart?

If you have moved into a newly-built home which does not have cart service, please call 311 or fill out this service request to sign up. Carts are provided at no extra charge and delivered to your home. The City provides garbage and recycling pickup for eligible single-family homes up to and including fourplexes. Monthly Blue Cart Recycling and Waste Management Service charges will appear on your utility bill.

Is your cart missing or damaged beyond repair? If you have a damaged cart or missing cart, for the quickest service, please call 311. Please note, an online service request is not available at this time.

Exceptions to regular garbage collection

Christmas Day and New Years Day are the only days when collection service isn't provided. We will post the exceptions to collection service on these days on our holiday collection service page.

During street cleaning or snow route parking bans collection service is still provided. However it is important to know of the changes to cart placement during a snow route parking ban or spring street cleaning.

Other residential collection services

Waste & Recycling Services is responsible for the solid waste management services provided by The City of Calgary. This includes black cart garbage collection, blue cart recycling collection, and the green cart organics program.

Collection for residential homes as well as collection services for commercial and industrial establishments is on a fee-for-service basis. Aside from regular trash collection, the City does not offer junk removal services for residents.

To learn more about the fee charged for garbage collection, visit our page on the waste management charge.