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Garbage and recycling day schedule

Find your black, blue and green bin collection schedule and get free reminders

Look up your home's schedule for black cart, blue cart and currently in pilot communities, green cart pick-up. Enter your address below to view your schedule and to sign up to receive free automated reminders.

Please note: Green Cart service is starting in mid-2017 and will result in changes to your collection schedule.Your 2017 collection schedule is currently available up to May. The remainder of your 2017 schedule will be available in March.

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Your black and blue cart collection dates can also be found by calling 311. To find your schedule during stat holidays, visit holiday garbage and recycling pick up schedule.

Preparing for pickup

Prepare for your garbage pick up. Properly fill your black cart and learn how​ ​​to safely place your carts for pickup.

Prepare for your recycling pick up. See what can and cannot be put into the blue cart.

Did we miss you?

To report your missed collection and/or see some common reasons why we might have missed your collection day pickup, visit missed collection day pickup.