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Electronics recycling depots


Recycle your old and unusable electronics for free at a drop-off location. The electronics recycling depots are for residential use only.

Items that can be dropped off at no cost are:

  • Televisions, TV remote controls and HDMI cables
  • Laptops and notebooks
  • Desktop computers
  • Printers, scanners and fax machines
  • Computer monitors
  • Tablets such as iPads, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy tablets and other Android tablets.
  • Computer accessories including computer speakers, cables and mouse (mice)
  • Charging cables and plugs that come with the items listed above.

Special instructions

Please note that some of the locations listed below only accept the electronics listed on this page.

If you have other electronics to recycle, please see the following for more options:

Television size restrictions

Old television

Best Buy electronics recycling depots only accept TVs up to 30 inches in size.

The following electronics recycling depots accept TVs larger than 30 inches:

See our frequently asked questions to learn how to donate electronics items and more.

Electronics recycling depot locations


Electronics Recycling Locations

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