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Green Cart Seasonal Changes

During the spring and winter, Green Cart Collection will adjust to seasonal schedules.

Schedule Timeframe Green cart collection
Winter schedule November to March Once every other week
Spring schedule April to October Every week

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Why is the green cart schedule changing?

During the winter months, green carts are primarily used for food waste and there is less yard waste to collect. As the carts are not as full, collection will be reduced to every other week in the winter months.

In the spring, when yard waste becomes more prevalent and the weather warms up, green cart collection will resume weekly.

Are the blue or black carts pickup schedules affected?

There are no changes to the blue or black cart collection.

Blue carts will continue to be collected weekly. Black carts will continue to be collected once every other week on a separate day.

Will the Green Cart fee be changing?

There is no change to the green cart program fee for 2018. Savings from the winter collection changes for 2018 will be put back into The City's corporate budget savings account (which will offset the initial property tax subsidy that was provided to the Green Cart program).

The green cart program fee is not a "per collection" fee, but rather covers all aspects of running the program including operating the composting facility, processing compost, equipment like collection trucks and carts for each home, and education materials.

The Green Cart fee for 2019 will be based on the full costs to operate the programs including seasonal collection schedules. To learn more, visit Residential Waste Rates.