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Green Cart composting facility

The City's composting facility is the largest of its kind in Canada.

The facility produces high quality compost from both food and yard waste collected from the Green Cart Composting Program and dewatered biosolids, a nutrient-rich by-product from wastewater treatment. Learn more about the composting process.

City of Calgary - Compost facility

Facility details

The facility is located on the Shepard Waste Management Facility, south of 114th Avenue S.E.

  • Council approved a capital budget of $143 million for the facility.
  • Three buildings make up the composting facility - main building, curing building and storage building. Together, the facility is 521,000 square feet.
  • The facility will process up to 145,500 metric tons of residential food and yard waste and dewatered biosolids from The City's wastewater treatment process every year.
  • From start to finish it takes approximately 60 days to produce nutrient-rich compost.
  • Finished compost will be tested to ensure it meets the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Category A standards for compost that can be used in any application.

About the site area

We understand how important it is to be a good neighbour to the communities and businesses around us. Traffic enters and exits the facility just as landfill traffic does, keeping away from residential areas. The facility uses advanced air filtration technology and comply with environmental regulations.

Natural design features like trees and embankments help the facility blend in with the surrounding area. An extension to the regional pathway system has been built outside the eastern edge of the site, along with a new storm water pond, which looks like a natural wetland.

About Chinook Resource Management Group

Chinook Resource Management General Partnership (CRMG) was selected to design, build and operate the facility on the Shepard Waste Management Facility. CRMG is a consortium led jointly by Bird Construction and the Maple Reinders Group and comprised of Maple PPP and Bird Capital as developers, Nason Contracting Group (a wholly owned subsidiary to Bird Construction) and Maple Reinders Inc. as design-build contractors, AIM Environmental Group as operations and maintenance provider for a 10-year term, and Stantec as design and permitting liaison.

Questions about the new composting facility?

If you have questions about the new facility, please contact 311 or fill out the feedback form at the bottom right corner of this page.​​​